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  • Ron Bublitz

    April 14, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Although I have a book, it deals with dates within the Biblical prophecies that are time based. I did have to do my own world timeline based on Biblical dates in order to fit things into historical context. My timeline is not published. My timeline used only timing found in the Bible (Hebrew/Aramaic only). After researching the history of the Septuagint, I found that can not be relied on for accurate dates and so is excluded. Also, I did not pin things on human derived historical dates – as those constantly change based on new archaeological discoveries and ever shifting scholar bias. Of course, it’s valuable to check the current scholarship to see possible matching dates but I always expect things not to match and it becomes very evident why upon digging into their methods.

    It’s also very interesting to study the many timelines published throughout the years. But again, investigating their particular bias and methods, the majority can be outright dismissed very easily. Most have a very anti-semetic bias surprisingly and timing found in the Bible is pushed to the side whenever archaeological “evidence” is used. A lot of times that “evidence” proves flawed over the subsequent years and decades (can you say “Ussher”).

    However, each person’s effort is valuable and it’s no small task to gather so many research points and attempt to assemble them into a cohesive whole. But not a single attempt can stand the test of being internally consistent. Of course, I humbly submit that my attempt does meet that test. What are these tests?

    1. All dates use timing found exclusively in the Biblical text and are based on plain reading of the text (ie. no allegorical or special definition of terms (“years” mean actual years)). “Biblical text” means Masoretic text and Aramaic Peshitta for various reasons which can not be sufficiently described in this comment.

    2. God instituted a time tracking method in the Bible. This is the Sabbatical year and Jubilee year cycle. Israel/Judah did not follow this system for the majority of their existence – hence the Babylonian exile let the Land rest to make up for the missing years (and it wasn’t 70 years as is commonly stated). There are no temple records existing (or publically available) that show when these years were. But there are time cues in the Bible (and within Josephus’ writings) where these can be determined. With absolute certainty, the beginning of a cycle was the year of the Exodus. Almost certain was the dedication of the first temple (since Solomon waited a certain number of years to dedicate the temple after it was built – why did he wait?). If one determines these historical pins, one can extrapolate back to the year of Creation. If that also was Year 1 of the Sabbatical cycle, that’s a very good corroboration that the timeline is correct. My timeline matches this. No other timeline I have come across even deals with this topic.

    3. All dates must be accurate to the specific day of the week where given. The Exodus narrative gives specific dates for when certain Sabbaths occurred and these are tied to month dates. So it can be determined what day of the week certain events occurred. Any year proposed where these dates could have happened must match this specific calendar day order. All proposed years of the Exodus that I have seen do not match this day order. And in addition, the calendar day order must use the correct intercalation cycle that was in use at that time – which year it was tied to. Basing dates using the modern Jewish calendar intercalation cycle gives incorrect dates. I have verified this based on a long out of print translation (1848) of a text written in 1000AD which described the various intercalation cycles used through out the Jewish history. This was based on scroll information existing then but lost to history. Not only that, but the Jewish intercalation cycle is lunar/solar based and is tied to the particular behaviour of wheat grown in the region. This can also be used to determine the proper year to tie the cycle to. With these 2 data points, I have determined the correct intercalation method. This leads to the proper year of the Exodus. And then the proper year of Creation. And to my surprise and elation, the proposed year of Creation had the day order in the proper place where Nisan 1 occurred on a Thursday – the first full day of the sun/moon and the start of the calendar. Again, not a single timeline I’ve seen deals with this subject and proof. My timeline does meet this proof.

    So with at least these 3 proofs, a timeline can be shown to be internally consistent.

    As a special note: the fact that the intercalation cycle has been tied to an incorrect year seems like such a small change. However, I’m convinced the dark forces purposely changed this so that history is confused and shrouded and many prophecies are not crystal clear. When this is corrected, almost every timing question is solved.