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  • Thomas Donlon

    April 14, 2021 at 4:14 am

    Hi Ken,

    If you are posting a link … it is broken. If you are trying to post a picture, you might be able to post the picture in the News Feed. I recollect, at least in the past, people were able to post pictures there, but not into Discussion Threads or topics.

    I have seen or come across a number of alternate timelines for Pharoahs suggested. Certain names and timelines were put out in Patterns of Evidence Exodus by David Rohl. And I think I may have heard several more here on the HFS society by different contributors. Some ancient sources point in different directions on things like this? I believe it would be compelling for anyone to hear that a specific ancient source says Moses relates to this time frame or this person. But different people have (I think) pushed different conclusions using different ancient sources.

    I’m not at all suggesting or aware that you are wrong. I do though think I’ve been exposed to different viewpoints and will need to grasp the proper mechanisms or approach to understand which views have most value. And this gets even harder for me as I tend to forget names and I lack the necessary historical knowledge to keep these different Pharaoh’s distinct and understand the particulars of their reigns. And then some of these personages have the same names with different numbers at the end.

    To me though the evidence is beyond question that the Exodus far predates Ramses or Ramesses (spelling variants here?). And I’ll try to review what you wrote and get a better grasp for how things may have all fit together.