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Home Forums Evidence for Biblical miracles In this society, how is something recognized as a miracle? Reply To: In this society, how is something recognized as a miracle?

  • Michele Rousseau

    April 8, 2021 at 1:55 pm

    Hello Tom, and thank you for your reply. Truthfully, I had tried to delete my question after I posted it, but couldn’t. I had looked at other questions on the forum and considered mine to be, perhaps, redundant to others.

    Regarding Esther, I really enjoy the book of Esther and just celebrated the Purim feast of Esther and watched the Sight and Sound broadcast of their play Esther. At your suggestion, I will read it again because I want to see anything new and deeper that the Lord might be wanting me to see.

    True, I agree that a miracle can be quite personal to build a person’s faith, or it can be witnessed by a whole nation to save an entire nation!!!! God is so good! I guess some things can be seen as a miracle by some that others may take for granted, like a baby’s birth, or how the Earth spins on its axis every day and night. I’m sure Einstein recognized many miracles in his studies. What a dear and gifted man, fearfully and wonderfully made, as are we all!

    Thanks again, Tom. So nice to meet you and read your thoughts about my question. I will check out the scriptures you mentioned in your reply.

    Many blessings and shalom!