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  • Thomas Donlon

    March 30, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    I think in the end there were 13,000 archaeological sites in the 200 sq. km square around the mountain.

    Hi Deborah,

    For a moment I had my head buried in my hands. I wanted to find out how many tabs to internet websites I had open. I created a new window. And then with FireFox I clicked the close button to find out how many tabs I had opened. FireFox web browser asked me “Do you really want to close 466” tabs? But I was just testing the browser to see how many open tabs I had.

    I have my browser set to reopen the tabs when I restart my computer. Why did I put the quote up that I did? If I was able to string a joke together properly, I might have have made some comparison to the suggestions that you brought forth about numbers in the old testament sometimes trending larger than seems reasonable. In this case, though I found some statement somewhere (By Anati that the number of archaeological sites was 1,300) which is one tenth, or an order of magnitude smaller. That reminds me of some of my concerns about the US government debt, (which I was worried about since I was a teenager very roughly 35+ years ago). Sometimes I think “A trillion dollars here and a trillion dollars there — soon you are talking about real money!” My point is large numbers often tend to be incomprehensible.

    So there is no judgment. Just I think the numbers were smaller from something I believe I read from Anati (but to my embarrassment I scanned so much material that I don’t want to backtrack to quote it to make an official supported “nail-tight” argument). And this leads me back to a point you have repeatedly made. At some point somewhere did a Biblical scribe somehow move some decimal point or somehow get confused? I might need an extreme amount of proof before believing this happened… but I admit that your belief that somehow some numbers in scripture got inflated in one way or another … is a hard problem for me to deal with. But it is not one that I’m going to quickly concede without substantial proof.

    If “ironically” is the right word, your mistake which (maybe????) no one else here caught, Maybe your mistake “ironically” shows how numbers can somehow get accidentally inflated?

    But as I said, I’ve got 466 tabs open on various topics. I can’t spend the time to research this question to “prove” my point, but I’m fairly confident that Anati spoke about 1,300 sites in the area. IF papers were written on each of these archaeological websites would I have the time, or dedication to read them? I’m exhausted with learning and various life challenges as it is.

    Still I appreciate your great contributions to the HFS website, Deborah.