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  • Zachary Klein

    March 18, 2021 at 11:02 am

    It is the same Bell, but I don’t think that Mrs (Dr?) Hurn’s argument depends at all on Bell’s beliefs (or lack thereof) regarding eternal punishment and universal salvation. The quotation was simply to illustrate Hurn’s argument that the “natural/supernatural” distinction is a modern concept and shouldn’t be assumed by Christians. You could entirely remove the references to Rob Bell (he’s certainly not a source I hold in high esteem), and it would do no damage to Hurn’s point.

    It is also not valid to use the citation of a disliked source (Bell) to set up a false dichotomy (e.g., either we must embrace all of Rob Bell’s (unrelated) views or we may “stick with [Meyer] and Jesus Christ of Nazareth”). Rob Bell can be both right about some things and wrong about others – so can Meyer, for that matter! Only Jesus (and, I would argue, any/all divine revelation) can be regarded as entirely without error. In fact, if this citation was from a “different” Rob Bell, would “H Family” suddenly accept Hurn’s arguments? I doubt it (I don’t, at least not in its entirety), because the arguments do not stand or fall on Rob Bell’s quotation.

    <font face=”inherit”>With regard to the Exodus miracles, I actually accept the traditional view espoused by “H Family” in this thread, but IMHO this is not the way to argue for it. I will elaborate </font>on my own thoughts in a separate post. <font face=”inherit”> </font>