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  • Deborah Hurn

    March 17, 2021 at 12:46 am

    H Family, I agree that the judgement on whether a miracle is spectacular or not is quite subjective. Thus, what may be an amazing conversion (or confirmation) experience to one person may be unimpressive to another, as we see all the time in the varying perception of miracles throughout the Bible. But all miracles, ordinary or extraordinary, invisible or visible, explicable or non-explicable, are acts of God. Even trying to decide which events in human history are miracles or not is a pointless venture… God ‘fiddles with the dials’ all the time, as I understand it. If not, what is the point of praying for any change, whether in soul or circumstance?

    Christ’s resurrection was absolutely a miracle. And a spectacular one at that. And even then there were many who did not believe. We do not need to make all miracles spectacular in order to defend those that are. If there is a natural mechanism that God has used to effect His purpose, well, fine, why not? The exodus was a miraculous enterprise from the start (except there was no start because the whole saga had been set up over generations beforehand) and many of the divine provisions for that migration go almost unremarked in the text. For example, the deaths of the three sibling leaders, Miriam at Kadesh, Aaron at Mount Hor, Moses at Mount Nebo. Perfect timing, but not really ‘spectacular’ as, say, a resurrection would be.

    So there is no “absolute objective standard” for ‘grading’ miracles. There are all sorts of divine interventions; probably most of them go completely unnoticed and yet are miraculous all the same. You don’t need to be threatened by these observations… it can be just as reverent an attitude to see how God manipulates His own creation to bring about His will.