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  • Thomas Donlon

    March 11, 2021 at 8:44 pm

    My highest interest in interacting with you is in your personal development. You’ve got great potential for academic achievement and great breakthroughs.

    Obviously somewhere I made a mis-step in our communications.

    Please forgive me. Think of me more as that guy in Psalms that David or someone asked God “Let the righteous strike me it will be a kindness.” And I may not have nailed the translation.

    If you like to discuss your or my character and various ways we could improve we have options available either public or private. If you don’t want suggestions on any topics of non historical and linguistic significance, I’ll certainly limit my remarks. Our remarks are all public record. I’ll only stand by what I wrote if I think it is inline with God’s word, his work or was meant to be helpful. If you accurately detected any pride or anything or judgmentalism on my part, then obviously I have to repent of that. And maybe I’m even wrong to standby words “meant to be helpful” maybe I was flawed in my analysis or maybe I was “meddling” or maybe I’ve yet to get some plank out of my own eye and I can’t see what I’m doing trying to remove a speck from your eye.

    I appreciate your frank comments and I’ll still remain as helpful to you as I can be. Jesus had a great ability to limit his words to what people could handle. “I’ve much to say to you but you can’t handle it now, the Holy Spirit will reveal in to you later.” That is my butchered translation of the words of the Lord.

    So sorry that I distressed you….