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Home Forums The route of the Exodus through the Red Sea The detour to a dead end – the different options Reply To: The detour to a dead end – the different options

  • Deborah Hurn

    March 10, 2021 at 9:47 am

    OK, so Fritz says the Exodus text implies that the locusts were blown towards the Red Sea (which he IDs as the Aqaba Gulf) but not all the way over there? Yet the border lakes in the Suez Isthmus are a lot closer and in the same general direction from Goshen. Fritz doesn’t even have a firm ID for Mount Sinai, yet locates the Red Sea crossing in the deep Rift Valley. I just don’t understand the need to have a deep-sea crossing way over there… if they want a gulf crossing, why not stick with the Suez Gulf which is closer to Egypt and shallower, though still deep? That used to be the preferred location. For some reason unknown to me, it just disappeared from the popular crossing options (even though it is Josephus’ location) while still retaining Jebel Musa as Mount Sinai. The Saudi Sinai and Aqaba Gulf crossings are hollow proposals. Nothing works with the itinerary. They have to fit five or six wildernesses, three days, and six stations into the few km from the east shore of the Aqaba Gulf to Jebel al-Lawz. Not to mention a week for the manna, a ‘plague’ of quails, and the problem of finding a real oasis that might be Elim. We went through most of that on another thread in detail and checked it out on Google Earth. Not to mention what happens a year later getting from Sinai to Kadesh through only one wilderness, three days, and three named stations.

    Timeframe, distances and campsites between the sea and the mountain