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Home Forums The route of the Exodus through the Red Sea The detour to a dead end – the different options Reply To: The detour to a dead end – the different options

  • Thomas Donlon

    March 10, 2021 at 7:27 am

    In my wanderings around the internet I came across a page where Geographer Fritz had an interview.

    He actually addressed the issue I discussed about the locusts being carried into the Red Sea. He argued that the Hebrew had a directional -ah- at the end. (That directional is there in the Hebrew.) So the scripture doesn’t exactly demand that all the locusts were dropped into the sea but that they were blown in that direction. So this opens up the door a bit towards his argument that the Gulf of Aqaba is the Yam Suph and not any other body of water. I’m not saying I agree with Fritz, but now I do NOT KNOW that he is wrong. Previously, I knew he was wrong (or thought I knew) now I’m less sure and more open-minded on that question and his scholarliness seems to be more intact. And to add a bit more support to Dr. Fritz’s viewpoint he mentioned that certain plagues of Egypt were mentioning various locations that frogs were appearing from. If the Yam Suph included all the marshland areas that would have been a fine place to use the word Yam Suph if that is also included in the Yam Suph definition. Again nothing conclusive in my book, but it puts his geography back in the game. Now I’m back to my undecided old self again on this whole topic.