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  • Deborah Hurn

    March 9, 2021 at 6:47 am

    I will post this over here from @thomas-donlon ‘s update, who asked if a meteor strike might have triggered Noah’s Flood.

    Thomas, this idea also speaks to the issue of natural mechanisms for supernatural events. Did God cause the Flood by meteoric impact? Did He use the hamsin wind from Arabia to blow in the locusts, and create the plague of darkness? Did he use the prevailing wind from the Mediterranean to blow out the locusts? Did he use the hamsin to part the Red Sea? Did he use the seasonal quail migration and wind to provide meat? [yes, of course] Did he provide manna from the tamarisk bushes in the Sinai? Did He use an electrical storm and earthquake to create special effects on the mountain for the delivery of the 10 Commandments? Did he use the karstic system of the Central Negev to provide water from the rocks? Did he use the large aquifer and a fault line to provide water throughout the year at Sinai? Did he use a fault line to swallow Korah and Co? Did He use an earthquake in the Rift Valley to part the Jordan? Did He use an earthquake to flatten Jericho? And many other similar questions. Prof Sir @colin-humphreys offers many of these suggestions in his Miracles of the Exodus book.

    This is similar to how I experience miracles in my life, that is, through ‘naturally’ explicable events which are nonetheless divinely planned and timed to bring about a specific outcome or provide a need. Yes, it is necessary to interpret them with the ‘eye of faith’. If the activity of the Spirit were so spectacularly obvious, there would be no room for faith. This is not to deny the inexplicable miracles of the Bible, even while recognising that some of these may also have had ‘natural’ mechanism, ‘nudged’ along by God. The Almighty Creator has an immense system of natural laws and phenomena at His disposal… why not use them on every level to bring about his purposes?