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  • Frank McFee

    March 7, 2021 at 12:20 pm


    Sorry for the confusion about be honest I get lazy..

    so ME is the Middles Egyptian Period which I am sure almost all scholars have some variations on this period..I am going to use Dr. Brier (Great Courses teaching) “The Middle Kingdom lasted from 2040 to 1782 B.C”..I think Petrovich uses 2025-1674 BC

    PCH is Proto Canaanite Hebrew or Proto-Consonantal Hebrew is prior to developing the Paleo Hebrew or “projected Proto-Hebrew Original Letters” …”fixed alphabet which I have no firm date for this”..I am assuming from Petrovich using the Middle Kingdom 1842-1760 BC…I would suggest you get a copy of Dr. Petrovich “Alphabetic Chart of Proto-Consonsntal Hebrew”…

    Gamatria is used in Greek and Hebrew (probably other languages not sure which) which assigns numbers to each letter….

    Gematriafrom Tyndale Bible Dictionary

    GEMATRIA* One of the rabbinic hermeneutic rules for interpreting the OT. It consisted of explaining a word or group of words according to the numerical value of the letters or by substituting and rearranging certain letters according to a set system. By that rule of interpretation, for example, some rabbis have argued that Eliezer (Gn 15:2) was worth all the servants of Abraham put together, for Abraham had 318 servants and Eliezer’s name equaled 318 (Gn 14:14). The name Babylon is arrived at in Jeremiah 25:26 and 51:41 by substituting the last letter of the Hebrew word for the first letter of the same word.

    The pseudepigraphal Epistle of Barnabas interprets the 318 servants of Abraham (Gn 14:14) as pointing to Jesus’ death on the cross, because 300 is the numerical value of the Greek letter “t,” which is cross-shaped, and 18 the value of the first two letters of the Greek word for Jesus. In the book of Revelation the number of the beast is 666 (Rv 13:18). If the number seven is considered to be the perfect number in the Bible, and if three sevens represent complete perfection, then the number 666 falls completely short of perfection.

    DSS is the Dead sea scrolls…

    I just checked my email and see you got your questions answered…hopes this helps