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  • Frank McFee

    February 27, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Dr. Petrovich did reply to me…..see below

    Douglas Petrovich <time datetime=”2021-01-26 01:59:21″ data-bp-timestamp=”1611626361″>1 month ago</time>

    Hello, Frank.

    Thanks for your kind words about my book. I’m glad to hear that you have enjoyed studying it. I wouldn’t have a problem with the Numbers number meaning either option. It’s such a difficult issue that I don’t even have a firm position on it, to be honest, although I never sat down for an extended period to go as deeply into the issue… Read more



    Frank McFee <time datetime=”2021-01-26 15:56:54″ data-bp-timestamp=”1611676614″>1 month ago</time>

    Dr. Petrovich .
    Thanks for your reply…I appreciate it since I know you are so busy…it was just a idea after “learning” about how ME
    used numbers…I got the idea from taking a Great course (Teaching Co.) by Dr. Bob Brier “Decoding the secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs” in which he devoted a lecture to “numbers” and Gardiner “Egyptian Grammar” PDF downloaded from the internet pages 191-192…..because ME had glyphs for counting……since you have never seen any evidence in PCH and since we have no Hebrew manuscripts dating earlier than the DSS…I agree with you that “no physical evidence to support” my idea
    Thanks again for your time and help