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  • Stephen Sample

    February 25, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    Hi Frank,

    You write:

    While I believe God can do anything He wants including providing for millions of people and animals…the logistics would have been enormous!

    I notice that Dr. Petrovich has not answered you yet. I am sure he is a busy man. So, I am posting this short note to encourage others to have a shot at this perennial question regarding the number of people involved in the Exodus. At this time, I will reframe from posting my personal speculation regarding this matter.

    However, I do believe that a literal reading of the text resulting in millions of people wandering around in a desert environment (40+ years) is a bit over the top. Yet, I agree, nothing is impossible for God.

    Non-believers for centuries have used this example (and of course many others) to scoff at those who believe in the accuracy of Scripture. My question is simply: “As believers, are we constrained to accept such large numbers, or is there another option as you seem to be alluding too?”

    Steve Sample