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Home Forums Against the Tide What do you think about the new film Against the Tide? Reply To: What do you think about the new film Against the Tide?

  • Eric Smith

    February 22, 2021 at 4:40 pm

    I have yet to see it but two things immediately struck me from the trailer.

    One person, Dawkins I think, said “Religion teaches us to be satisfied with not really understanding.”

    That is furthest from the truth.

    Another claimed that Religion is never challenged. Its been challenged since its inception. These two are supposed to be very intelligent but even a little examination into history and just reading the Bible will tell you these two statements are incorrect.

    I am particularly interested in what Dr. Lennox has to say. We have a couple at the church I attend who have children struggling with the apparent conflict between being a scientist and a believer. It need not be that way. I’ve suggested they read “In Six Days: Why Fifty Scientists Choose To Believe In Creation”. I suspect this will be another witness to people with the same issues.