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  • Deborah Hurn

    February 21, 2021 at 11:37 pm

    Thomas, the Ramon Crater marks the great E-W watershed of the Central Negev Highlands. By far the largest of three erosional cirques in the Negev, it is about 40 km long (WSW-ENE), 10 km wide (N-S), and is shaped like a long arrowhead pointing WSW. It forms a formidable obstacle to passage through the Central Negev Highlands, an obstacle that the Nabataean traders had to overcome when the Romans shut down their trade routes to Gaza passing around the crater. The Ramon crater has particular biblical significance because all land to the north of the crater is the Wilderness of Zin and all to the south is the Wilderness of Paran. The Kadesh district to the WNW of the crater represents the western interface between these two wildernesses; thus, the biblical accounts locate Kadesh-barnea in both the Wilderness of Paran (Num 13:3, 26) and the Wilderness of Zin (Num 20:1; 27:14; 33:36; Deut 32:51). So, as with all other geographical aspects of the exodus and conquest, the data are reliable.