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  • Thomas Donlon

    February 18, 2021 at 11:01 am

    I don’t believe that Avaris is an Israelite town… it was founded by the
    Hyksos invaders into Egypt and the Israelites were not the Hyksos.

    Tim Mahoney interviewed Manfred Bietak who excavated the area. Manfred stated that the original situation was such that he thought they arrived at the “invitation” of the government. He thought they had “a special status” or it was “a tax free zone.” Incidentally this is under the city of Ramses. So the scripture that mentions the Israelites built the city of Ramses what are we to make of that? Maybe later, somehow or other, God-willing, and the creek don’t rise, or the snow to be shoveled doesn’t pile up too much, and work doesn’t get that busy or I don’t get distracted with other life concerns … maybe I’ll somehow find the energy and with God’s help or luck or non-luck I’ll come across the dig reports online regarding Avaris grave sites… and maybe I’ll be able to piece the information together and maybe I’ll come up with a coherent response describing what Tim, David and other’s described about the situation in Avaris.

    But right now other things need to be taken care of. So we can get back to discussing the ancient works of God later.