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  • Thomas Donlon

    February 14, 2021 at 8:07 am

    Something may have impressed the HFS staff, if they posted this question. They also sell a couple of Glen A Fritz’s books. His scholarly biography on the HFS site says the following.

    Environmental Geographer – Researcher, Author

    A former surgeon, Fritz obtained a PhD in Environmental Geography as part of his quest to investigate the biblical exodus from Egypt. During his graduate work he was also able to visit the land of Midian 2003, and evaluate Jabal al-Lawz as a potential site for Mount Sinai. Realizing that the location of the miraculous sea crossing was not only a historical mystery, but the chief clue for the route to Mount Sinai, Fritz pursued the topic for his 2006 doctoral dissertation, entitled The Lost Sea of the Exodus. The latest version of this work is the 2016 Second Edition. He has also published The Exodus Mysteries of Midian, Sinai & Jabal al-Lawz (2019).

    Deborah, have you read any of those books? I am guessing he has some route mapped out in his books. Whether it is true or not I don’t know. I haven’t read his books and I’m not going to comment. And I’m wondering what changed between his first edition and his second edition. And the more expensive and thicker book published in 2019, does it have all the material in the earlier book? I’m reluctant to go buying $50 and $100 books with all my money problems and my limited time to read. Has anyone bought the book(s)? If so please offer a comment or summarize something.