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  • Deborah Hurn

    February 12, 2021 at 8:43 pm
    Tigay, Jeffrey H. Deuteronomy: The Traditional Hebrew Text with the New JPS Translation. JPS Torah Commentary. Philadelphia, PA / Jerusalem: Jewish Publication Society, 1996.

    [421] Edom is best known as the southernmost of the Transjordanian kingdoms, but its territory also extended west of the Aravah into the highlands of the eastern Negev, south of the promised land. Seir usually refers to this part of Edom, which extended northward from just east of Kadesh-barnea to Hormah, near Arad (Num 20:16; Deut 1:44).

    Bartlett, John R. “The Land of Seir and the Brotherhood of Edom.” Journal of Theological Studies 20, no. 1 (1969): 1–20.

    [43] Some biblical passages suggest that the name Seir might have been connected partic with the region west of the Wadi Araba rather than with Edom east of it… Esau (Gen 36:8, cf. Deut 2:4; Josh 24:4) and the Horite clans being descended from Seir and living in the land of Seir (Gen 36:20-1,30 cf. Deut 2:12, 22). The clans of Esau and of the Horites appear to be closely related to various clans of southern Judah and its borders… The narrative of Deut 1 in partic uses the name Seir with ref to the territory west of the Wadi Araba…. Other passages which might indicate that Seir is west of the Wadi Araba are Josh 11:17; 12:7 (Halaq rises towards Mount Seir)… and 1 Chr 4:42 re Simeon (in the Negev) went to Mt Seir and destroyed the remnant of the Amalekites, and settled there…. Thus Seir was not originally identical with Edom. Seir perhaps denoted the land south of Judah and Mount Halak and between Kadesh and the Gulf of Aqaba. This region was never claimed by Judah, its borders were never clearly defined. It belonged to the south with Sinai and Paran (Deut 33:2), lying between them and Judah to the N, and Edom to the E.