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  • Deborah Hurn

    February 7, 2021 at 11:17 pm

    Francesco, the approach you are proposing is known to sceptics (that’s the British spelling) as “God of the Gaps”. This phrase means that there is only ‘room’ for ‘God’ explanations in the areas of science that we don’t yet understand. As science (knowledge) increases, therefore, the number of phenomena that we ‘need’ God for decreases. Atheists mock theists by listing some of the natural phenomena once described as acts of God (‘miracles’) for which laws and mechanisms are now known. Yes, the current digital age with its amazing instant communication provides many examples of what would once have been considered miracles.

    To the sceptics, therefore, the age of ‘superstition’ is in retreat, the scientific gaps will all eventually be closed, and the believer in miracles will have no grounds for their belief in an interventionist God. I think we need to side-step this trap. God is the original great Scientist. All the natural laws and processes, including life, are His creation and domain. We don’t have to keep shifting the definitions of what now constitutes a miracle (whatever we cannot yet explain). Everything is spiritual. We are living in one big miracle. God can manipulate events as little or as much as He decides is necessary to bring about desired outcomes. More and more it seems God prefers to use the natural laws He has created to create a ‘naturalistic’ effect. This is a challenge to faith, but so it should be.