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  • Francesco Gabellini

    February 7, 2021 at 10:43 pm

    Deborah, thanks for your post and thanks for your kind words regarding my English. You have been very encouraging and this gives me the incentive to participate enthusiastically in this interesting discussion.

    Your post also gives me the opportunity to better explain what we can reasonably mean when we talk about “miracles”.

    I too am convinced that everywhere we can see “miracles” from God. The “big bang” was a miracle, the creation of the expanding universe was a miracle, the formation of solar systems and planets was a miracle, our wonderful planet with its extraordinary cycles is a miracle that continues over time, our very life is a miracle, including the extraordinary complexity of our brain and of DNA.

    However, we must take into account that in today’s view of things especially by many scientists, the things I have just described are considered “natural” and for many even coming from “chance”.

    Therefore, also out of respect for the point of view that others may have, we should consider as “miracles” only those events that go beyond our current scientific understanding.

    From this definition of “miracle”, that is “event that goes beyond our current scientific understanding”, we can understand that the difference between “natural” and “supernatural” shifts over time according to our knowledge.

    For example, if by hypothesis I could talk to an ancestor of mine who lived three centuries ago and told him that I can speak in real time with another human being who lives on the opposite side of the earth, this in the eyes of my ancestor would be definitely defined as a “miracle”. And why would my ancestor call it a “miracle”? Because the existence of invisible electromagnetic waves and their nature was completely unknown to human beings who lived at the time while now for us the use of cell phones makes this experience completely “natural”. It is possible that in the future even the possibility of dividing large masses of water or the possibility of giving life to a dead body may become scientifically understandable and then what for us now seems a “miracle” could become completely “natural” in the future.

    This is why our definition of “miracle” should be related to the degree of scientific knowledge we have at the moment.

    So when I talk about “natural” things in my posts I will refer to things that can be scientifically understood based on our current knowledge while when I talk about “supernatural” things or “miracles” I will refer to events that go beyond ours current scientific understanding.