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  • The H Family

    February 1, 2021 at 8:05 am

    Last week we previewed the January focus video on the Pillar of Cloud and Fire. It was an excellent video. In the footage, Mr. Mahoney interviews Eric Lembcke, who pointed out that if you undermine one miracle (like the Red Sea crossing), you make room to undermine all of the Biblical miracles (especially Jesus’ Resurrection, the hallmark of our faith).

    We were reminded of that point this morning, during our daily family worship/Bible time. In reading Mark 4, the disciples are on a boat that is tossed to and fro by the wind and waves of a huge storm. They awoke Jesus, who was asleep in the boat. The raging sea and howling wind immediately ceased when Jesus said “Peace, be still”. Conservative commentaries, like Matthew Henry and Charles Spurgeon, describe this for what it is, a miracle. The disciples, according to the text, even marveled at the supernatural power of this man that could stop the power of the storm and sea. Being both God and man, such supernatural ability was in his power.

    Thank you @Tim Mahoney and @Eric Lembcke.

    “…<font size=”2″ face=”Arial, Helvetica”>the ship that has Christ in it, though it may be tossed, cannot sink”–Matthew Henry </font>