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  • Deborah Hurn

    January 31, 2021 at 9:34 am

    Har-El, Menashe. The Sinai Journeys: The Route of the Exodus. New (English) and Revised Edition. San Diego, CA: Ridgefield, 1983.

    [66] The area with the most plentiful supply of sweet water in the whole of Northern Sinai is apparently the region of Quseima—Ein Qudeirat—Ein Qadeis, where the water is both good for drinking as well as being fairly abundant. Suffice it to say that the water of Ein Qudeirat reaches a flow of 40-50 cubic metres per hour. According to Holland [ref] Ein Qadis has four springs, three at the foot of the mountain and one in the valley bed [does he mean Qudeirat?]…. The source of this rich supply of water is in the mountains of the central Negev which reach an elevation of 1000 metres above sea level, and lie relatively close to the Mediterranean. The large amount of water at Ein Qudeirat derives from its origin as a karstic spring… Moreover, Ein Qudeirat is the most abundant spring in the whole of the Sinai peninsula and the Negev. The south of this region is, however, very poor in water-resources and the distance between one source and the next is never less than 50 km.