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  • John Oliver

    January 31, 2021 at 8:19 am

    The question is are miracles still happening today?

    The answer is found in considering the following.

    The gospel of John repeatedly indicates that Jesus performed signs. These were evidence that He was not just another teacher but He came from God.

    The 4 gospels are full of instances of Jesus performing healings and deliverances. He sent out His disciples with authority to do similar things. And they report that happened. These were to establish the credibility of the messenger so that the message would be received. That happened in the book of Acts. It happened with Moses before Pharaoh.

    Many of the bedtime Bible stories that have been read to children from the OT and NT involve some kind of divine intervention that might be called a miracle.

    Thomas Jefferson and others have attempted to deny, ignore, or explain away rationally all instances of the supernatural. If all those passages and references were blacked out then that redacted version of the biblical stories would be full of major gaps. The narrative would not make sense. Imagine taking the fight scenes out of an action movie or the songs out of a musical.

    The Bible declares that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever in Hebrews 13:8. What is recorded by eyewitnesses to Jesus Christ during His brief lifetime is the same about His character, compassion, and power today.

    The message of the gospel of salvation was carried by the original disciples throughout the Roman world by the power of the Holy Spirit. That continued under heavy persecution for centuries. The Reformation at the time of Luther and others like Him transformed lives in ways that could not be explained rationally. Likewise, there have been several major revivals that radically changed whole communities. Seen together these are evidence of the hand of God moving graciously on the souls of humans in amazing ways. And in many but not all instances there were signs and wonders accompanying the preaching of the gospel message as a way to give credibility to the messenger.

    Another grand miracle is how God Himself has preserved the Bible throughout these 2 thousand years. It has come to us today despite the vicious attacks of tyrants, neglect of carnal Church leaders, and sacrifice of martyrs.

    The wonderful programs by Patterns of Evidence at careful and thoughtful explorations of the essential passages of the OT where God Himself entered the affairs of humans. He did not just show up with wise words that might be forgotten but with miracles to give credibility to His message and His messengers.

    God has been using miracles that are sometimes called signs and wonders as His calling card for thousands of years. Then is it reasonable to conclude that God stopped doing that? Did God die? Has God gone on a vacation? Did science and technology displace God? Did God quit loving and caring about humans?

    Is it possible that secular humanism has dominated the media, academia, and educational systems so that we do not seek, expect, notice, or celebrate small miracles? Is it possible that God is still performing miracles but mostly on the margins of society away from the spotlights? Is it possible that we have failed to come to God with repentance, humility, and perseverance in our personal and corporate prayers? Is it possible that God is doing miracles but we lack the eyes to see and the ears to hear them? Is it possible that our pride, carnality, worldliness, idolatry, arrogance, selfishness, sinfulness, and more have hindered God from moving in our lives personally and corporately?

    Why are we so unwilling or unable to just let God be God and thus as the Almighty Creator come and intersect with His Creation in ways that serve His greater purposes?

    Why do we fail to acknowledge that there is a spiritual being that has far more power, wisdom, grace, and mercy than we could imagine?

    Why do we fail to accept that God is the greatest Father ever has before and will again intersect in the lives of His dear children individually and collectively?