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  • Deborah Hurn

    January 25, 2021 at 7:37 pm

    Here is a para from my 2001 article… I didn’t use any of these calculations in my 2014 OT project: word count restrictions.

    Distance between campsites: The locations of three consecutive stations of the Sojourn Route are known (33:33-35)—Jotbathah (now Yotvata in the southern Aravah), Ebronah (now Ein Evrona) and Ezion-geber (on the Red Sea gulf, near Eilat). There are 25 km between Yotvata and Ein Evrona, and about 16 km between Ein Evrona and the head of the gulf. Along this route, the Aravah valley is about 10 km. wide and bounded by steep escarpments. Thus the total area south of Ebronah and north of Ezion-geber is about 160 sq. km. If we divide this by 300 000 extended families with their flocks and herds, the nation of Israel would have completely filled the Aravah between these stations, if each group of 10 people with tent, goods, and livestock could camp and find adequate pasturage in an average space of 23 x 23 m. (Between Yotvata and Ein Evrona they would have a little more room–26 x 26 m.) With an overflowing multitude such as this, it could hardly be said that the nation “departed” from one station and “pitched” at the next (Num 33:3-35).