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  • John Oliver

    January 25, 2021 at 12:17 am

    God answered the prayers of my mother and her friends. Thanks to God for answering those many prayers God made a way for me to go into drug rehab in my 20s.

    My mind was like scrambled eggs.

    I was socially incompetent.

    I was on a path to self-destruction.

    God planted me in a loving Christian community for 18 months. It took that long for me to get back my right mind.

    Then I could hear and respond to the message of the gospel of salvation.

    God used the testimonies of those that had been delivered from alcohol and drug abuse on Unshackeled radio show to give me hope and faith.

    When I came to faith alone in Christ alone I was no longer working hard to become a good Christian from the outside to the inside. At that moment I KNEW that I had been MIRACOUSLY born again from above.

    I have been a member of various churches over the decades. Nearly all the other members grew up in Christain households. They do not understand or appreciate the MIRACLE of rebirth like a former drug addict like me.

    There are thousands of recording on the website of Unshaekled I challenge you to listen to a dozen of them and conclude honestly that God is not performing the MIRACLE of personal deliverance and rebirth TODAY.