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Home Forums Evidence for Biblical miracles Are miracles still happening today? Reply To: Are miracles still happening today?

  • John Oliver

    January 24, 2021 at 11:19 pm

    Yes, there miracles today.

    For evidence search Christian bookstores offline and online for detailed testimonies.

    For evidence turn into the Charismatic talk shows and clips of those online. I do not trust every story but there are many that seem very credible.

    For evidence search for missionaries that take the gospel to remote locations where there is witchcraft, voodoo, and such religions. God sometimes but not every time shows up in mighty ways to give credibility to the messenger that carries the gospel.

    For evidence talk with nurses that have worked in Emergency Rooms for years. There are instances of healings due to answered prayers that defy modern medicine. Again not every time but a few times.

    For evidence go to Speaker Meetings of 12 step recovery programs. There are individuals that had tried willpower and every kind of treatment but remained hopelessly addicted to alcohol or drugs. Then but by humbly and persistently working the 12 steps for years then they were set free. Those 12 steps include turning one’s will and life over to the care of God and being consistent in prayer as well as meditation. They will not use the name Jesus but still, that is a personal intervention in a human life. God spared them from a path of destruction for themselves and their family. Then give the credit to God or call it Higher Power. It was not self-will.