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  • Thomas Donlon

    January 20, 2021 at 8:45 pm

    There won’t be any evidence for this miracle. A mountain in Saudi Arabia is alleged to have a black top that is only black on the surface. If true that will be intriguing. But there could be different types of pillars of cloud and fire. If it was only smoke on mountain tops we could think volcanoes. There are a number of little ones in Saudi Arabia.

    If archaeology can prove the blackened mountain top in Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a normal geological explanation that will be intriguing. Also scripture indicates Elijah went to a mountain and the Lord tore apart the rocks with wind, caused a great fire outside and and a strong earthquake. If the sequence of Elijah’s events could make sense to me, I might argue there was a bit of asteroid type thing, that could have heated the air up to a severe temperature (like that of a nuclear blast) part of it could have exploded in the air and caused the powerful wind, and some of it hit the ground to cause the quake. Yet all this is conjecture, and I’m not sure what the timeline would be in the event a small asteroid, comet fragment or whatever raced into the lower atmosphere. The easiest thing here to believe is that it was the presence of God. It even appeared later when Solomon had the ceremony and celebration when the temple of God in Jerusalem was finally complete.