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  • Deborah Hurn

    January 20, 2021 at 6:15 am

    Conclusions: Har Karkom acts on all three itinerary-lengths (the 6 days of Num 10-12; the 11 days of Deut 1:2; the 21 stations of Num 33:16-36) as the key to the puzzle of the wilderness itinerary. These three different measures (apparently all involving Horeb-Sinai and Kadesh-barnea), can be reconciled thus:

    1. The 11 days of Deut 1:2 do not apply to the distance between Horeb and Kadesh. They apply instead to the distance between Horeb and the east bank of the Jordan River. This text is a prescriptive itinerary: the Israelites never followed this route in full.

    2. The 6 days itinerary from Mount Sinai to Kadesh (Num 10-12) is a complete account of the Israelite journey after leaving Mount Sinai: 3 days in the Wilderness of Paran and 3 named sites thereafter. Moses did not intend to be waylaid on their march to Canaan, but ‘the wheels fell off’ during the disastrous first 5 days, and the invasion was abandoned at Kadesh.

    3. The 21 toponyms between Sinai and Kadesh (Num 33:16-36 + Taberah from Num 11:1-3) comprise the complete itinerary of the Sinai-to-Kadesh journey (i.e. the second stage of the full wilderness itinerary between Egypt and Canaan). During this journey, Israel arrives at Kadesh twice, but only the second and last arrival is recorded.

    So that’s the end of the summary of my investigation of Deut 1:1-2 with Har Karkom as Mount Sinai-Horeb. Interested in any questions or comments.