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Home Forums Evidence for Biblical miracles The population of the Israelites during Exodus Reply To: The population of the Israelites during Exodus

  • Stuart Anderson

    January 18, 2021 at 9:53 pm

    What seems impossible to mere humans is not impossible for God. The Almighty God is more than able to ensure the Israelites left and traveled to Canaan, no matter how large or small the total population was. Since the Bible is inerrant and historically accurate you have to go with what the Bible says; not what human commentators who weren’t there say. What Thomas pointed out above (taking in account all that the scriptures say) an number of around 1,500,000 Israelites and mixed multitude is not unreasonable. The God that ensured their clothes and sandals did not wear out was well able to feed and ensure the correct traveling conditions for Israel, both the people and their flocks.