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  • Thomas Donlon

    January 15, 2021 at 3:29 am

    I was looking around for some bathymetric data on the gulf of Aqaba and particularly the discussed underwater land bridge. The visuals I seen were rather rough and didn’t provide enough detail for me to form any opinions.

    Yet at one time when I looked at the location of the “bridge” I wondered if the bridge was formed from dirt being deposited from the Wadi that the Israelites would have walked down to the sea shore. Consider that (as I understand) the climate was wetter back then. That means more rain. And that means more sediment deposited at that time. Now if during today’s drier climate, erosion affects are taking place at a similar rate to the past, and if the deposition of dirt being washed off the Sinai Peninsula has decreased, then perhaps the land bridge is lower than it was in the past.

    Also from a scientific perspective, the Gulf of Aqaba is on a fault zone. The tendency in this region is for the earth to rift apart which may have also lowered the water level during earthquake activity. Furthermore the Bible says God was causing the Egyptians chariot wheels to turn. What better than an earthquake to slow down the progress of chariots? A less-spectacular and scientific explanation for God causing wheels to turn is an earthquake. Where can you better expect an earthquake than on a major fault line? This fault zone causes separation of the land masses which can drop the water level. Now eventually the water would rise again as more water finds its way in from the Red Sea. Also an earthquake that causes the land to subside won’t only cause the land to subside directly under the sea, it will cause low land that is extending towards the dead sea to lower as well. This lower water level at some undetermined distance towards the north of the Gulf of Aqaba would draw water to the North. We know that Tsunamis also often have a period where they first lower the water level and then the water returns with a wall of water. So the Bible suggests earthquake activity and a strong wind contributing to the success of this miracle. Perhaps the more intense rain of that timeframe had over time made a more substantial land bridge.

    And if the landbridge was not solely a result of deposition from Wadis on one or both sides of the Aqaba, another option for a ridge could be from an impact crater ridge. However, this is highly speculative. Yet craters and their ridges dot the moon. On earth erosion quickly hides ancient geological evidence of such things. So if the ridge (land bridge) has a different origin than dirt runoff from a wadi it too could have eroded in time.

    Now what might happen to all the sand in an extensive land bridge if the earth did open up a bit as happens in rift zones? Is it beyond possibility that the sand didn’t immediately drop down? Like sand dropping into an hour glass maybe the ridge didn’t react as fast as the deeper areas without the extensive sand deposits over it. This is speculative as well.