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  • Thomas Donlon

    January 15, 2021 at 2:47 am

    There is a relatively powerful, free, open source, GIS program called QGIS. I certainly haven’t mastered the program and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to learn it. However all this talk of different locations without a map in hand makes it a little hard for me to follow. Before I start suggesting perhaps having you compile different shapefiles (or some other newer format) to place the varied locations of these sites in the different exodus scenarios with the different routes, sea crossings and Mt Sinai destinations, I am curious about different options regarding how to see what you are talking about.

    The collectors edition of The Red Sea Crossing Volume 1 is available for digital download at The reason I’m mentioning that is that some of the participants often had huge maps on hand showing the cities and landmarks in their preferred scenarios.

    Red Sea Miracle 1 collectors edition digital download is $30 American dollars, but I have no idea if it is available where you are (internationally. The eight extra hours, mostly of interviews, has a lot of information on the routes, speed, direction and number of people in the Exodus.

    I don’t know if you’ve dealt heavily with the map making side using GIS or have mostly used books, websites or whatever. I’m not super-interested in these specific topics and though I love maps I’ve yet to order the Exodus route books. I’m not yet seeing a huge amount of apologetics value in these discussions yet. On the other hand, evidence of Israelites in Egypt is seeming rather powerful. Manfred Bietak, (though he seems to still believe whatever Exodus occurred out of Egypt happened around the time of Ramses) has found additional evidence for Israelites in Egypt. I found the Collectors Edition extra material to be a fun watch.

    I’m not sure even if you had handwritten maps whether they could be put up on a website. It looks like members can put up photos on their personal page of the HFS. Maybe simplified maps could be put up outlining the different routes? You’ve got a lot of enthusiasm for these topics and just a handful people here are well-versed enough to understand what you are talking about. And probably those that are well-versed enough are busy working on books or producing something for a larger audience. I specifically appreciate you putting up counter-arguments to your ideas. Still though all the citations and everything from different people (who seem to have overlapping objections) makes it harder to read and skim.

    Also maybe some people here have ordered Dr. Fitz’s (sp?) book or books. And as your arguments and thinking are at variance on a number of points from his, it might be good to be thoroughly aware of the details of his positions. I know more reading.

    I’ve got about no background in all this. I’ve listened to the Bible a lot, (at least over 20 times from end to end) but that doesn’t give me a huge amount of geographical knowledge. I like using QGIS and I’ve come across a few places where online GIS formats of Bible names and places are available as shapefiles or KLM files typically used for Google Earth. I wanted to find out for example where Makkedah is and the cave where Joshua threw the bodies of the Kings… maps though are uncertain about such things. So I’m not sure if you have much technical advice on how to look at maps on topics like this. Did I just see you or someone else suggesting that there have been 20 or more suggestions of the location of the Mountain of God? And I think Tim intends to do a movie on that location. I’ve got some passable skills with QGIS but finding good data sources for Bible is proving a bit difficult. Places like Ai for example are in contention. Good arguments have been made that alternate site better meets the criteria for where the Israelites hid in ambush that the traditionally believed site for Ai.

    I’m just wondering if there can be some technical starting point. Tim has put forth the idea of “Courses” being available at this website. Maybe a course could be done on geography or even more specifically using open source QGIS for Bible studies. If everyone working together produces Shape files, vector shapes of whatever and the files are available it will be real fun. People can learn to produce their own maps for things like Bible Studies and Sermons. And this will make the material easy to share. Much more geographical material is going to be covered in future productions by Thinking Man Films. A body of people that can work with the geographical data will make all this fun. David Rohl, for example, in some of his videos overlays the Bible’s description of Saul’s Kingdom with a certain Labaya (“Lion”) who was operating in the identical area. And he died from a similar or identical attack. To have downloadable and customizable map making capabilities will work well with this website. What Pastor, or teacher or author wouldn’t appreciate being able to skillfully include maps? Saul was a master at the tough guy image. He is always portrayed in the Bible as having a spear in his hand or even throwing it from his hand or sleeping with it stuck in the ground next to head. Why wouldn’t he also be referring to himself as “Lion” in his correspondence with other Kings?