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  • Earl Coludrovich

    January 12, 2021 at 6:52 pm

    Miracle connections through time

    Moses – law, old Covenant,

    >against false worship Baal,

    >miracles water, miracles fire – burning bush, pillar of fire smoke,

    >Mountain – received Yahweh commandments,

    >blood – Passover,

    >escape from Egypt,

    >Resurrection ideas of Egyptians

    >Type as deliverance from false religion, sin, & death,

    >Name means “Deliverer”, “Saved from the water”

    Elijah – prophets,

    >strongly fought False worship Baal,

    >miracles water, miracle fire – Fire from heaven on offering,

    >returns to Mountain of God, mountain ascension near Bethel,

    >blood sacrifice prior to Baal false worshippers demise

    >Jezebel who has Egypt like Queen power,

    >Resurrection (Others, Elisha bones),

    >Type as deliverance from false religion, sin, & death

    >Hebrew Name means “My God is Yahweh”

    Yeshua or Yehoshua – Messiah, fulfilled old Covenant, established new Covenant,

    >fought false worship Baal & evil influences

    >miracles water, miracle fire – Holy Spirit,

    >sermon on the mount, Transfiguration, mountain ascension Mount of Olives,

    >Blood – Himself as Lamb,

    >Family went to Egypt as an infant escapes Herod and returned,

    >Resurrection of others and self,

    >Christ is the anti-type for Deliverance from false religion, sin, & death,

    >Hebrew Name means “Yahweh is salvation”

    Moses – Law and Old Covenant,

    Elijah – Prophets to prepare the way,

    Yeshua – Messiah, fulfill Old Covenant establish New Covenant


    Exodus 3 God reveals Name – spelled out by purpose

    Exodus 19 God makes a Covenant with His people


    1 Kings 18:21 – 46, 19:1-14 False religion destroyed, Elijah returned to Mountain of God


    Malachi 4:1-5

    Luke 1:17

    Matthew 3:17

    Luke 4:16-21 Jesus reveals himself

    Matthew 5:17 “Do not think I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill;

    Matthew 17:10-13 John Baptist / Elijah

    Transfiguration miracle on a Mountain is solid proof to his Disciples of the manifestation of Yahweh’s will, approval, and purpose being fulfilled over many years as spelled out by His Name – “I shall cause to become” as spoken on the mountain to Moses many years before (Ex 3). The Names of His chosen ones also reflect His purpose. “Deliverer”, “Saved from the water”, “My God is Yahweh”, “Yahweh is salvation”

    Mark 9: 1-11

    Matthew 17:1 -8

    Luke 9:28-36


    Matthew 28

    Mark 16

    Luke 24

    John 20

    I would say every time we pray and receive the fire of His Spirit, we exercise our faith, taking in the Word of life in harmony with His purpose, it becomes a fountain of living water springing up today and every day eternal life . (Isa 55:1, John 4:14, 7:38, Rev 22:17)