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  • Deborah Hurn

    January 9, 2021 at 6:19 am

    One sword not worn that day could have meant the death of the Unions’ best general and hence cost Lincoln the war and American could be two nations today which get along like India and Pakistan.

    Thomas, it seems ‘America’ is actually approaching that horror scenario in the early 21st century! And that is as political as I will get.

    I am trying to work out the features here too. I seem to have found out how to quote another post. I see there is a formatting button.

    Yes, there are so many examples of the course of history being totally changed by small events that looked totally ‘natural’ and ‘random’ and yet were not. It is the historian’s art to highlight these pivot-points and their effects. This is what the Pentateuch has accomplished in highlighting the more obvious acts of God (those we call ‘miracles’), though of course there were so many more invisible interventions necessary for the whole saga to play out as planned. I like your citation of Stephen Hawking (accurate or not) regarding free will:

    I remember hearing or seeing a response that Physicist Stephen Hawking made on the topic of whether we had freewill had or not. He didn’t think we did, but then he also thought it didn’t matter because for all intents and purposes we live like we do. I’m intrigued that Christians have the same questions about freewill and all that.

    Divine intervention is all a mystery for sure. Also for sure is the conclusion that we cannot separate biblical events into ‘natural’ and ‘supernatural’… we can only (subjectively, fallibly) opine on whether, and to what degree, each event was ‘naturalistic’ or ‘spectacular’.