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  • Deborah Hurn

    January 8, 2021 at 7:29 pm

    These events were ALL miracles, from the mundane to the spectacular. They were all timed and manipulated by God to have the desired effect. But note they are all economical in “special effects”. Nothing is more spectacular than it needs to be. The means serve the ends. This is what distinguishes the biblical stories from pagan myths… the contextual plausible reality. God doesn’t rain literal bread (baked and buttered) from heaven. Manna is probably the sweet exudations from the tamarisk which is abundant throughout the region. The water comes out of the ground (and the rockface) in the usual way for the region. People die from plagues (probably gastro after the quail), always a problem in a large population living close together, and not, say, by lightning strikes. The meat provided is quail (genius! local, seasonal, mobile). The Jordan is interrupted in the usual way, earthquake. Jericho fell to an earthquake in the Rift Valley. The spectacular judgement on Korah et al was probably also an earthquake effect, right over a fault line where the earth can open and close. This whole region near the Rift Valley is riven with fault lines. But yes, these are all miracles because the exodus event was foundational to God’s salvation plan and the biblical narrative. Noting a known mechanism does not detract from the power and significance of the miracle. And isn’t this exactly the way things work in our own lives? Isn’t this the work of faith, to see ‘normal’, ‘natural’ developments for the acts of God that they really are?