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  • Jevan Thomas

    January 7, 2021 at 10:12 am

    Deborah, I would say the greatness in the miracle would be both. Or, I should say that it should be both. The spectacular sign of Gods ability to protect them and to show them that they are that special to Him should be heart warming. Taking out Pharaoh and his army should be another sign of love and a warning to the people that they should follow and obey God and those who don’t will end up being destroyed in the end. It also shows us that God performs many signs to led the sinner to God and that His mercies will end eventually. I think Israel should care about both. Israel was commanded multiple times to not forget what God had done for them during this time. We see that this is important to God also and He sees these events as special and something to be remembered. The means and the end would be an amazing sign to those who live in the land that Israel is commanded to conquer. I think the bigger the miracle the more God shows himself as merciful to the people groups who live in the land that Israel will possess. If God parted the sky and told the world to give today’s Jews all of their old land back or else God would destroy them. The people who would fight against God and the Jews would be considered in the wrong because they did not obey God. The miracle would be so big that they would be without excuse. I think what God did in Egypt, the Red Sea and even into the conquest was so spectacular and amazing that Israel and the those in the land should have obeyed God. Not only did God do spectacular miracles but the miracles that could be considered natural were done to show that God has power over the fake gods of Egypt.