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    January 3, 2021 at 9:48 pm

    I think it makes better sense to search the idea of the two places that might meet the criteria rather than one place on the wrong side of the sea that absolutely doesn’t meet the criteria; or is that logic bogus?

    I think there’s too much pressure on scholars to continue trying to support and or prove traditional ideas that if tossed might be feared to discredit so much previous effort, individuals, institutions, and FUNDING.

    The reality is: so much of the traditional research I grew up with was so bogus and far off it made no sense to me, even when I was a child; and it wasn’t even laughable.

    In fact much of the research was so far off it lent itself to discrediting the entire bible, and the disregard of all of the word of God, furthermore, that discredit and disregard were capitalized upon by marxism, socialism, communism, and other social , humanistic, and many anti-Judeao-Christian movements/organizations, culminating in a tremendous falling away of believers.

    Contrarily, I believe much of the work compiled and exposed by the Patterns of Evidence effort, and so many modern scholars it highlights have taken such advantageous opportunity with such magnificent technology and information access, that it clearly becomes not just believable, but pretty much suggests that disbelief is an act of blatant disregard for wisdom and lazy-minded apathy.

    So I’ve learned to have such an enormous respect for todays scholars who put their life’s work, reputation, and future prospects on the line for the rest of us to benefit. And imagine, some are in the wrong hole, in the wrong country, cracking and sifting dirt for a life time only to come up to prove just that and perhaps the wrong idea, but even that in the end aids in the process of elimination. They really are on the warfront protecting, defending and fortifying the faith of believers and become a sanctuary of the same faith for others to come into the church and believe in. They have my prayers and deepest respect.