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Home Forums Existence of the Israelites in Egypt How long was the sojourn in Egypt? Reply To: How long was the sojourn in Egypt?

  • Ron Bublitz

    January 3, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    I did not know there was such a contentious issue about short vs long sojourn. That there were even theories. It’s pretty simple to understand by reading the texts themselves. There’s much more contentious and tricky year dating to argue about (ie. the Divided Kingdom period, or the exact dates within the time of the Judges).

    Even though I haven’t published it, I have worked out the entire Biblical history timeline. It definitely verifies a 430 time period. It all fits together like jigsaw pieces in an intricate pattern. Have to take the Bible as totally accurate though – something few accept these days. Have to assume a 6000 year old earth from Creation. Have to assume that the Exodus was Year 1 of the Sabbatical year cycle and also a Year of Jubilee. You can work out that the Exodus happened on a Wednesday in the middle of the first month. This was the same day order of the Creation week, Jesus’ birth and Jesus’ resurrection – and very likely Jesus’ second coming. This all leads to confirmation of exactly what year was Creation because that also was the Year 1 of Sabbatical year cycle and Year of Jubilee. If you know anything about how statistically improbable it is to have all those days of the week work out in the proper years, you will appreciate how this corroborates all the various timing referenced in the Bible. Oh, and by the way, yes, you have to figure out the proper intercalation method that the Jewish calendar had in use because the current modern method is off.

    Anyway, all this to say is that you just need the Bible to confirm what it says within it.