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Home Forums The route of the Exodus through the Red Sea How many days and how far per day to the sea? Reply To: How many days and how far per day to the sea?

  • Deborah Hurn

    January 2, 2021 at 11:31 pm

    The Wilderness Itinerary (as it is sometimes called) is a composite of all the itinerary data in the biblical texts with bearing on the journeys of the exodus and wanderings era. The itinerary form as found in the Numbers itinerary and in places in the Exodus and Numbers narratives, and the Deuteronomy review has these terms: “and they set out נָסַע from X” and “and camped חָנָה at Y” (see Num 33:5ff). Usually these intervals appear to indicate daily stations, but in a few places there are ‘gaps’ where the distance between named stations is clearly more than one day. So there are three days without named stations in the Wilderness of Shur/Etham (Ex 15:22; Num 33:8) and three days likewise in the Wilderness of Paran (Num 10:33). Another obvious ‘gap’ in the itinerary is between Ezion-geber on the Elath Gulf and Kadesh-barnea in the northeast Sinai (Num 33:36), a distance of around 140 km along the Darb al-Gaza. There are other gaps, but I won’t list them here.