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  • Frank McFee

    December 30, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    A question

    Dr. Petrovich,

    I am a older retired engineer and a serious Bible student..I heard about you book from Tim Mahoney “Moses Controversy”
    I purchased your book and having been studying it…I also brought your did a great job!!!
    I think you are right about the alphabet..
    I am also a “follower” of Dr. Michael Heiser (naked bible podcast)
    He did a study of Exodus back in 2019? the book of Exodus…what I like about scholars is their attention to details..
    When talking about the hugh number of Israelites leaving Egypt…he references an article by David Founts JETS sept 1997 pg 377-387
    “A Defense of the Hyperbolic Interpretation Of Large Numbers in the Old Testament’..I am not sure I agree…I know God does use hyperbole in the Bible
    like Abraham’s descendants “stars in heaven”, “sand of the sea”, etc…
    While I believe God can do anything He wants including providing for millions of people and animals…the logistics would have been enormous!!.I also bought the bonus lectures and heard the various theories about Alef…

    ….I have another idea…….I would like to run it by your book on pg 52 you reference the Lahun Bilingual Ostracon” which has some ME language including numbers
    I notice the ME using “separate hieroglyphs” for large number…10, 100, 1,000, 10,000…etc (I looked these up Wikipedia “Egyptian numerals”)
    Is it possible that Moses used a “type of abbreviation” to record the numbers in the paleo-Hebrew that may have been based on ME?
    Could these “numbers” have been mistranslated by later Hebrew scribes not familiar with these “abbreviated numbers” or maybe an early form of Gematria??

    Have you done any research on paleo-Hebrew where larger numbers are mentioned and seen anything that might indicate this?
    I appreciate your reading this and understand you are very busy and may not be able to reply….so thanks for your time

    Frank McFee