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  • Karen Getchel

    June 19, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    I took the survey.

    I answered the questions as best I could, but many were about things I never thought of when coming to Christ. I was 16 when I started thinking seriously, and 17 when I consecrated my life to God.

    No one can come to Christ unless the Father draw him, and no one can come to the Father except through Christ. I felt drawn. It wasn’t a magical emotional decision that I made. (Sometimes I feel a little dull in the emotional department–even now at 55)

    I started going to Bible studies when I was 11 (it was an adult verse by verse Bible Study). I didn’t have to question God, because I already believed in Him. I didn’t question the Bible as the Word of God, I already believed it.

    Did I become a Christian because of all the good examples of Christians in my life? I don’t know. It didn’t hurt, but don’t think that was the reason I became a Christian.

    There were a lot of absolute question or scenarios in the survey that I didn’t feel really applied to me as I didn’t come to Christ as an adult, and I didn’t have to overcome other worldly indoctrinations.

    I am big into Bible studies, but I appreciate when Archeology proves the Bible–which is why I have all your videos and am on your mailing list. I like prophecy.

    I think understanding of the Bible is fundamental to Christianity. Its the only way we can truly know God. Science and Archeology are aids to that, but God reveals Himself in His Word. David spent nights looking into the starts and thinking about God. I loved the videos “Is Genesis History”–it helps build faith, but you have to find scientists that will talk about God. So, where you get your scientific information from matters. In that video he talks with an astronomer. They talk about other scientists who have to see that God created things–but they won’t change. The man said, because their heart isn’t right.

    And as Tim Mahoney has come across, Archeologist who won’t admit they might be wrong on something or even look at evidence that contradicts their documented thinking.

    So, while the science might be there–the scientist generally are not. So, then you have problems.