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Home Forums Rethinking Apologetics for the Next Generation What First Led you to Faith in Christ? Reply To: What First Led you to Faith in Christ?

  • Stephen King

    June 12, 2022 at 4:35 pm

    I agree. I was raised in a Christian family and my father was an evangelical pastor, but that didn’t guarantee anything about my salvation. I had a few rebellious years in my late teens and early twenties. Ultimately, it was God’s Holy Spirit that changed me. I had a certain amount of knowledge because of my upbringing and God used that to convict me of sin, at which point I began the real journey of comprehending Amazing Grace (not just hearing, reading about) and began to grow in love for Christ — a response to He who first loved me. Knowledge alone won’t do this, because without belief there will be no conviction. There are many unbelieving scholars and other religious practitioners that have more knowledge of the Bible’s contents than many professing Christians, yet they remain unbelieving in what the Bible literally or plainly presents. (Atheists deny it outright, others pick and choose and reinterpret according to their own purposes.)

    Once I was “born from above” as Jesus says to Nicodemus, or born again as we like to call it nowadays, much of the knowledge I had somehow retained from youth became alive and more vibrant, and I had new motivation to understand God’s Word. Part of that process was apologetic: Looking for the external evidence and rationale, which became a comfort for me and additional praise and glory for God. The evidence in favor of the Bible’s reliability and the archeological evidence for the accurate Biblical accounts is second to none, and the nature and character of the Judeo-Christian God is different, compared with any other religion and mythologies. Yet the facts will never on there own save anyone, because “all have turned away” and do not seek him (Psalm 14). This is why Grace is so amazing: None seek, even the ones who saw Jesus and what he did, unless God has given them to the Son as a gift (John 6:36-37).