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  • Karen Getchel

    May 21, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    Its not an easy place to be in, but remember that you are a living epistle of Christ and how you handle it reflects on him. So, lots of prayer as was already stated is always in order.

    I have a gay cousin–she is much younger than I am, so there wasn’t much of a relationship. We were invited to the wedding, but we did not go and did not send a card or gift. We are now invited to a baby shower–which we will again avoid.

    I feel that my cousin just invited us because she thought it was the right thing to do–but can’t imagine she expected us to come either as she knew us well enough to know where we were coming from.

    I have never condemned her, but I don’t condone her either. “The world will love its own.” I don’t have a problem talking to her, but I cannot recognize their union and would not visit them either.

    I take comfort in the fact that if I am faithful unto death and become part of the Bride of Christ that as the Priest of God–I can help her up the highway of holiness (Isa. 35), along with the rest of my unbelieving family and whomever the Lord gives me to work with. In the Kingdom on earth, when God’s will is done here, then the “world will know the Lord from the least unto the greatest.” And as King with Jesus and the rest of the Bride, not only ruling with the “rod of iron” so that no shenanigans go on, but with justice and love as well. Working with the great “mediator between God and man” bringing them back into harmony with God–what a blessing.

    So, concentrate on the big picture–the end game.

    Your standing for Christ may cost you your relationship –that is part of the sacrifice we make when we devote our lives to the Lord. He promises it will divide families–but we keep praying for them and loving them, but we cannot deny the Lord in the process.