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  • Leila Dalrymple

    May 21, 2022 at 8:33 pm

    FIRST, continually pray heavily asking the LORD for guidance. Remembering that homosexuality is a sin, just as fornication or adultery are, is the key. Needless to say, we are all sinners. And your position as a Grandparent is to love her first, and help her along the path of becoming a follower of Jesus, if she isn’t already. You must love and support her, but not become entangled with her life style. You need to gently and lovingly let her know this as your relationship with her builds and strengthens. She needs to be able know and trust you. You may be the one person that will lead her to Salvation. Letting her know the LORD’S stance on sin and sexual immorality should come in the proper time. She should know that you do not pass judgement on her, or condemn her, as that is the LORD’S domain, but lovingly point out your belief in regards to these areas, again at a proper time. And of course, these conversations should be kept private and not involve the other relatives. Basically, love her, just not her life style. It will involve tough decisions and choices for you. But through pray and love the road can be navigated, which could result in the LORD changing her and her life style. Praying for you and her. Ld