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  • Maria MacKenzie

    May 12, 2022 at 7:22 am

    Hi Karen,

    Nice to meet you too.

    Yes basically I think that is how we have been led astray via its for our health, its the whole set up of our current health care, every aspect of life, if we look at the debate on abortion its apparently for Womans health, debate on Sexuality its genetic apparently and sex changes etc are for health, Vaccines regardless how they are made sometimes using aborted animals and human babies its again justified for “health”. I think this is the method of deception and distruction. With many people like many Doctors and nurses doing it for what they inderstand as Good, not really thinking about the contradictictions. But unfortunately it is not all good. Its also not just Western medicine and drugs its accross the board Chinese and Aruveda etc, many practices are wrong, some are fine but many are not. The reason I raise the word Pharmakea as its meaning in the original language of the New Testament of the bible Koine Greek which I am studying is translated to Sorcery in English, so people think of a Magic men type image , when rather, the term suggests various forms of drug abuse. Those might include drug use in pagan worship, as an addiction, or as a poison used to manipulate and control others. : Its what we are seeing basically today. Nice to be in touch God bless.