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  • Thomas Donlon

    April 25, 2022 at 9:11 am

    Hi Dennis, you’ve made an attempt at humor in your above comment as when you asked “so where is the harm in ‘taking too long’ if I waste no one’s time ?”

    Consider the phrase used in the context of leadership responsibilities… “it is lonely at the top.” and you mentioned your lonesomeness.

    You are struggling with what to do with certain insights that you have. It is extremely hard to see the value or understand what you are saying. I’ve spent some time month’s ago looking at some videos you had on Youtube (and I’m very cautious about that social media platform… too addictive and too censoring…) and have enjoyed your scientific knowledge about some brain cells that relate to the ability to reflect and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

    You have a background or some deep knowledge of the Seventh Day Adventist organization. As with most human led organizations there is a mixture of wheat and chaff or often-times chaff with a bit of wheat thrown in. In the case of the SDA you informed me that “Kellogg” was involved in the SDA, so there is some wheat… literally speaking at least. Or maybe since “corn flakes” was a famous product of his… perhaps this comment risks being humorously considered “corny.”

    Yeah, you will be “lonely” in your endeavors. Coupled with your fondness for a niche scientific discovery — or the understanding of the specific brain studies you reference and your fondness for teaching Seventh Day Adventist history …. it is a bit of a strange mix to digest.

    Elsewhere you’ve made comments about the modern state of Israel.

    In a most simplistic way, most modern American Christians are going to be sympathetic to Israel, and some of your comments have outlined or referred to some sort of evil deed or another that Israel as a modern country has engaged in. This is all extremely complex material. There are always several sides to a story. Each person may have his own story and yet God has his own perspective. Joshua once saw a man with a sword and asked the man if he was with the Israelities or with the enemies of the Israelites. “Neither, but as commander of the army of Lord, I have now come.” Joshua 5:14

    You’ve expressed an interest in having people support your studies and your research. God may also want you to support the studies of others. In any human body, each part sacrifices for other parts. The foot might get sore walking. The eyes might get tired reading something important. Each part needs to consider the body as a whole… or at least follow the brain.

    God may not yet prioritize what your interests are. Maybe something has to be done to avert a march towards nuclear war. Maybe people have to learn something about the historicity of the Bible. Maybe someone else is plagued with guilt and God wants to show that person there is forgiveness and a way forward.

    Anyway, I think God wants me to get some other things done or write on some other topic…. or something. May God guide you (and everyone else) to serve Him. (Acts 26:29)