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    April 11, 2022 at 2:16 pm

    I’m lonesome. No help to be found in pursuing my own studies and perspective regarding the Cross. And here is yet another attempt to explain why. The explanation has more to do with which part of the brain Christians ‘behold’ and study the Cross, than with ‘if’ they do. The ‘Cross’ is at least a 2,000-year-old topic, but what ‘mindset’ actually understands it best ?

    I know this is ‘too long’, but no one will read it anyway, because hardly anyone is using the HFS ‘comments’ section, so where is the harm in ‘taking too long’ if I waste no one’s time ?

    (The harm, as usual, is that I’ve got chores to do that will be delayed. But they will always be there. I’ll just have to move faster after I’m done here.) :

    The multi-denominational, world-wide ‘Great Advent Movement’ of the late 1700s and early 1800s was very clearly ‘of the Lord’. . . then it wasn’t. Financial opportunities to invest in telegraph and railroad lines, gold rushes, new industries and the responsibility-free ‘corporate’ structure of doing business blossomed instead. Only a ‘remnant’ of ‘Advent-believers’ moved on to study and try to understand the reasons for the ‘Great Disappointment’ of 1844. Most American ‘Protestant’ Sunday-observing churches then expelled those of their membership who continued to believe the ‘Movement’ toward greater understanding of the Bible was ‘of the Lord’.

    Dr. Kellogg of Cornflakes fame was at one time clearly ‘of the Lord’. . . then he wasn’t. The Seventh-day Adventist ministers of Kellogg’s day far too often refused to listen to him when he warned them away, especially, from cancer-causing red-meat and other animal products like mold-bearing cheeses. (Standard practice of even non-SDA doctors, today.) But when Dr. Kellogg took up with ‘Pantheism’ in the early 1900s, almost all SDA ministers and physicians joined with him, even those who had clearly previously been ‘of the Lord’.

    Only one SDA missionary, born in Freeborn, MN, as a Seventh-day Baptist (like Dr. Kellogg’s wife), who had served in India, recognized ‘Eastern Religion’ in Dr. Kellogg’s ideas which directly opposed SDA doctrines, yet the Adventist ‘Steam Press’ in Battle Creek, MI, agreed to publish Dr. Kellogg’s fund-raising book containing ‘panentheism’, ‘The Living Temple’. The lead printing plates were all made and stacked ready for printing, but there was not room for them in the Press’ fire-proof vaults. One night, a miraculous fire that was cleary ‘of the Lord’ burned the Adventist press building to the ground. This one only one of at least 3 such miraculous fires — with almost no injuries or loss of life — around the same time that burned SDA institutions in Battle Creek to the ground.

    Yes, there were firemen in Battle Creek who raced to these fires, but they said pouring water on them was like pouring gasoline on them, instead. They simply could not save the Press, Dr. Kellogg’s world-famous Battle Creek Sanitarium, nor the famous SDA ‘Dime Tabernacle’ (funded by many, many freewill coin donations) all once clearly blessed by ‘the Lord’.

    So, what made the difference ? Why has the SDA church struggled on making excuses to all of the other Protestant churches, now, for nearly 2 centuries, with the embarrassing message of the still-missing ‘soon coming Savior’, while clearly their history proves that something they did or did not do in the late 1800s and early 1900s was NOT ‘of the Lord’, or He would not have burned them out of Battle Creek ?

    Well, as a group, the SDA leadership became proud and ‘condemned the Lord to justify themselves’, just as Satan once did in Heaven, and as Satan saw that Job refused to do, even suffering and all alone as he was.

    You see, the Seventh-day Baptist, Rachel Oakes Preston, had much earlier set the ‘remnant’ of the Advent Movement straight on that part of the ‘3rd Angel’s Message’ of Revelation 14 that reads ‘Here are they that keep the commandments of God . . . .’ (She had heard an Adventist preacher preaching on the Law of God, and had informed him that he was not observing all 10, since by observing Sundays he ignored the 4th.) But, the ‘remnant’ of the Advent Movement long remained unclear regarding the rest of the sentence stated by the 3rd Angel, “. . . and [keep] the faith of Jesus.”

    Finally, around the time General Gordon died after locating Golgotha and writing to his friend that the Ark of the Covenant containing the stone tablets of ‘God’s Law’ was also there, 2 younger SDA leaders began explaining the rest of the 3rd Angel’s Message sentence to SDAs. (One was born in Wisconsin, one was born in the far southern Ohio ‘Rock Hill’ area not too far from where the SDA, Ron Wyatt, was later born. They met at the SDA ‘Pacific Press’ on the West Coast as co-editors.) You see, the 3rd Angel’s Message regarding ‘Here are they that . . . .’ is closely related to both Balaam’s blessing on Israel AND the Laodicean Message.

    (Note: Clearly one cannot ‘keep’ that which one has not yet ‘received’ . . . namely ‘the Faith of Jesus’ a.k.a ‘Gold tried in the Fire’.)

    The ‘Advent Movement’ of the early 1800s was clearly ‘of the Lord’, and never should have stalled or ‘wandered’ all of these long years since, like Israel once did in the Exodus. But when Israel was finally ready to cross over the Jordan to possess the Promised Land, Balaam — like Ron Wyatt in 1978 while passing by Jeremiah’s Grotto and pointing toward the Ark without wishing to — was moved by God to speak only the amazed blessing, ‘What hath God wrought ?’ as he looked out over the orderly camp of Israel. And, around the time of an earlier ‘disappointment’ of ‘Millerite’ Advent-believers in May of 1844, Samuel Morse chose that same unwilling blessing of Balaam as the first official ‘telegram’ to be sent over his first telegraph line between Baltimore and Washington D.C.

    That telegraph message described a ‘remnant’ of ‘Israel’ that were finally ready to be trusted with better things, just like the 3rd Angel’s Message does, which became the message of the remnant of Advent believers until the SDA leaders refused to humble themselves to listen to the Lord speaking through 2 younger West Coast SDA leaders as they explained that the ‘Faith of Jesus’ is just that : The Divine Faith which the Divine ‘Mind of Christ’ developed in spite of His fallen human ‘DNA’-flesh, and which in the Laodicean Message He offers as a free gift to those who will lower their pride — even as He did to become ‘God With Us’ — and become understanding friends with Him.

    And since this same invitation was intended not alone for SDAs, but for the World, this more complete understanding of the 3rd Angel’s Message involving the receiving of the righteous, affectionate, ‘faith of Jesus’ toward ‘all’ — not merely rational ‘Christian’ creed-‘belief’ — was also referred to as ‘The Last Message of Mercy to the World’, before Jesus, the ‘second Adam’, could return for that ‘remnant’ of all ‘Christian’-‘Israel’ in which ‘He had wrought’ humble, righteous, affectionate ‘faith of Jesus’, and ultimately take them into the ‘Promised Land’ of that restored Earth which the first Adam had lost by ‘condemning the Lord to justify himself’. . . . but that ‘Last Message of Mercy’ got stuck on SDA pride in (once) being ‘of the Lord’, and so has never yet made it to the rest of the world CLEARLY through them, which was the original plan ‘of the Lord’, which has been revised by too many leading SDA men for the past 134 years of SDA denial of guilt in the matter.

    The ‘Advent Movement’ ‘of the Lord’ has retreated into the ‘wilderness’ after their own un-repented ‘Korah’s Rebellion’ against the Lord’s 2 appointed messengers 134 years ago, while still claiming to be ‘of the Lord’, and many thousands have joined them in their proud, willing blindness. And 2 SDA ‘money men’ — treasurers on every SDA committee — in 1890 were foremost in seeking financial help from other Sunday-keeping churches for SDA ‘religious liberty’ work, even on the condition that the ‘Sabbath Rhetoric’ should be dropped from SDA religious liberty publications. These were the SDA leaders who made sure that those 2 younger leaders were physically split apart from each other, and from their strongest supporter, the SDA pioneer Ellen White. Ellen was ‘called’ to Australia. The man born in Wisconsin was ‘called’ to London. The man born in Ohio was left in Battle Creek to finally join company with the other SDA who was ‘outcast’ by too many SDA ministers, Dr. Kellogg . . . .

    So, when the SDA, Ron Wyatt, finally found the Ark at Golgotha, on January 6, 1982 — right where General Gordon had said it was a century earlier — the original 1844-era SDA ‘Sanctuary Doctrines’ were being attacked by an Australian ‘minister’ from within, and they really needed the information about that ‘sanctuary scene’ at the Cross that Ron Wyatt had just found in order to keep scores of SDA ministers and educators from leaving the SDA church . . . but because they still had not repented and accepted the self-humbling ‘Laodicean Message’ as leaders of that ‘remnant church’ that had once been ‘of the Lord’, they could not accept the ‘sanctuary’ finds of their own SDA church member beneath the location of the Cross of Christ at Golgotha, without losing face.

    The ‘Faith of Jesus’ had begun to be described to SDA leaders in the late 1800s as that ‘humble’, affectionate trust in others and in the Father — NOT in ‘self’ — which Jesus had supremely demonstrated on the Cross. Therefore it was His own, affectionate, heart-felt, righteous ‘faith’, which He alone could then give to any who would receive it warmly as a gift, just as described in the Laodicean Message. And the ‘3rd Angel’s Message’ clearly refers to this same Divine ‘faith of Jesus’ in reference to that end-time faithful, righteous ‘here are they’/’Israel’ that ‘God hath wrought’, not the sinful, fallen ‘mind of’ man.

    But, when I try to tell non-SDAs this, they reject it as SDA nonsense. When I try to tell ‘liberal’ SDAs — the kind that want to join the Sunday-keeping churches — they reject it as too ‘conservative’. When I try to tell ‘conservative’ SDAs — even the kind that claim to accept the ‘3rd Angel’s Message’ ‘in verity’ as taught by those 2 younger leaders 134 years ago — they reject the Cross-scene as found by Ron Wyatt which supports the teachings of those 2 younger SDAs . . . ! Most definitely, there is ‘no room in the SDA inn’ for the whole ‘Lord’, or anyone who cares to follow Him from truth-to-truth as He tries to ‘move’ ‘Christians’ forward to that ‘Promised Land’.

    This long story should hopefully help to demonstrate that it is simply not enough for this Christian pursuit, or that Christian pursuit, to be ‘of the Lord’, unless all of those pursuits ‘of the Lords’ are assembled and viewed together in a united, progressive movement of ‘Present Truth’ that eclipses mere ‘ecumenism’ in order to gain a vision of the Cross in which ‘Christ is Everything !’ . . . which is exactly what those 2 young SDA leaders finally cried out in frustration to their unfriendly SDA-leadership audience in 1888 at the northwest corner of East Lake Street and 4th Avenue South in Minneapolis, MN.

    Today, SDA ‘evangelists’ (even Ron Wyatt did) still blindly preach ‘the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment’, when Christ, very clearly taught that He Himself was ‘The Lord of the Sabbath’, meaning that the Creation Sabbath is the only ‘Sabbath of the Lord’, or ‘Lord’s Day’ possible, since it was ‘made’ by Him, but ‘for man’ (Adam-kind) and for beasts. So, the Creation Sabbath is ultimately ‘the Sabbath of the Lord of the Sabbath’, and its weekly appointed times contain His personal Presence, through the Holy Spirit-Comforter He sends to be ‘within you’ always at our own invitation, but especially so during those weekly appointments. . . .

    . . . This is 134-year-old ‘of the Lord’ explanations of the Creation Sabbath that SDA leaders still proudly refused to receive or to pass along, even while claiming to be ‘of the Lord’, and so ‘world history’ involving ‘plagues’ and troubles with Russia is now repeating itself within my own short 65 years ! Clearly, what the world needs is that all-encompassing ‘of the Lord’, ‘Christ is Everything’ comprehension of the 134-year-old ‘Last Message of Mercy to the World’, and also those truths involving the ‘Cross’ discovered since then, which will enable a ‘remnant’ to be truly ‘born again’ out of self-trust and self-promotion’ and into the character-image of that humiliated Christ who condemned no one — not even His retreating Heavenly Father — in order to justify Himself, and He was most truly ‘of the Lord’, simply because He is ‘the Lord’.

    There are so very many ‘Christians’ these days, who assume that their own narrow pursuit of truth is ‘of the Lord’, and some of those pursuits may indeed be so. But why do those various narrow pursuits so very often compete with and even condemn each other if they are indeed ‘of the Lord’ ? ‘The Lord’ said, ‘A house or a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.’ In other words it ‘falls’. Does Christ, ‘the Lord’, truly ‘fall’ through ‘argument’ ?

    So, the greatest pursuit of all is to develop a much larger comprehension of ‘of the Lord’ truth that involves not merely human ‘reason’, but also human emotion and motive, and action.

    For instance, the pursuit and publication TOGETHER of not merely the proof of ‘when’ Christ ‘died’ on the cross, but also of the ‘how’ and the ‘why’, and of the ‘What difference could it make to me ?’, and ‘What has Christ been doing ever since . . . even today, right now ?’ . . . .

    My own (former) SDA religion was a ‘remnant’ off-shoot of that Great Advent Movement in which people of all religions were once a part. That ‘Movement’ was not a physical movement. It was a movement ‘out of Egyptian darkness’ into greater and greater understanding of God even since just after Eve and Adam began moving humanity into less and less such understanding by believing gossip about God from a liar. Without understanding the lies, we can’t understand the truth. Without understanding what went wrong, we can’t understand the Lord’s corrective measures like the Cross.

    In the case of the Great Advent Movement, specifically, first, the major religions condemned the continuing forward ‘movement’ of ‘remnant’ ‘Adventists’ after 1844, then in 1888, the SDAs themselves rebelled against moving forward, and chose to return to ‘Egyptian’ ignorance of the truth about ‘Jehovah’. So, in addition to studying the history of Israel and their failures to move forward ‘out of Egypt’, it is now profitable to study the history of the ‘remnant’ — now ‘SDA’ — ‘Advent Movement’ and its more recent failures to comprehend God through the Cross of Christ, leading to today’s quarreling, falling, yet proud, SDA ‘religion’ that never should have become a ‘nominal’ religion, because Jesus should have returned long ago, if only . . . .

    The early Jew-Catholic-Advent Missionary of the Great Advent Movement’ in Europe and Asia, Joseph Wolff, spoke before world leaders and the U.S. Congress, not on ‘religion’, but on the return of ‘the Lord’ to Earth. How does ‘Putin’ or ‘the Ukraine’ in any way compare with such a final solution to Earth’s proud problems ? But the genius of the ‘Laodicean’/’3rd Angel’s Message’ as explained by the SDA-rejected younger SDA leader in the 1890s (A.T. Jones) is that he realized and taught that we have no chance of dwelling with God in the future, unless God has a way of dwelling with us right now, (through our ‘eyes’, which are ‘extensions’ of the ‘heart’ of our brains. . .) and even recent non-Christian science discoveries now confirm what that rejected SDA leader taught using Scripture Alone in 1895.

    So, many pieces of the large ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ of understanding the essential truths about God — of which the Cross ‘of the Lord’ is the great center — have been available, but unplaced in their proper ‘settings’, all along (especially since the early 1800s) while more and more pieces are added, more and more quickly today . . . but where are those others who are trying to put those pieces together within the framework of the correct ‘Pattern’ — Christ as an illustration of the Temple of God in a human — instead of being distracted by the proud claims of quarreling ‘religious’ creed-doctrines blindly intent on dividing and falling.

    The latest neuroscience discoveries placed side-by-side with scriptures show that Jesus died of the excruciating mental-emotional pain of Psalm 22 ‘God forsakeness’, BEFORE they could break His ‘Passover Lamb’ bones. (‘Science’ can now prove the ancient ‘religious’ puzzle of ‘Passover’ !) THIS was the mysterious type of ‘death’ that Adam and Eve first began invisibly-experiencing in Eden after believing lies about God and eating the wrong fruit and then ‘forsaking’ their Source of Life when He came to visit them that evening . . . times infinity at the Cross !

    “Behold I stand at the door and knock . . . .” are right now, today, the most important words that could be published through the world media and ‘web’, along with an up-to-date explanation of the neuroscience of the deadly pain of being finally socially-excluded by God when He finally stops knocking away at our stubborn, self-justifying proud ‘hearts’ and leaves us all alone. . . .

    What is ‘Covid’ or ‘broken supply chains’ in comparison to this topic ? Because how can we truly live — and that with God — if God is not welcome to enter in and to live within us, and especially on every 7th Creation Day Sabbath set aside especially for that purpose at Creation ?

    Proud partisan religion and proud partisan politics have far too long been deadly distractions from that humble, righteous, affectionate ‘faith of Jesus’ most necessary to receive to ensure that God can enter in and dwell with us. In the span of Earth’s whole history, it won’t be long before the offer of that pure ‘golden’ faith that was ‘tried in the fire’ on the cross expires and only a ‘remnant’ who do accept it as a gift will go to dwell with God, with no self-justifying ‘fig leaf’ spirit left in them at all. Then because they have humbly received the Source of Life through the gift of the Faith of Jesus, they will never ‘die’ in any way. . . . All else is deadly distraction.

    The Cross is a revelation to human hearts — not merely to human ‘reason’ — of the immense pain that our rejection of Him has caused ‘Our Father in Heaven’ since Eden, at least. That’s the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ that so greatly diminish the value of the ‘when’ of the Cross. But, who among even my own former ‘remnant’ SDA religion, sprung from the once-Great Advent Movement toward understanding God,will lay aside their denominational pride to bow at the foot of the Cross in emotional empathy (‘in-feeling’) with God ?

    I tried explaining such essential emotional things by quoting Jesus in John at an SDA home-meeting for SDA ‘backsliders’ like myself in 2004 . . . I was accused of ‘Moral Influence Theory’ and so, stopped attending.

    The choice of Christians today remains, to continue to kill the Gospel of Christ with mere facts, ‘creeds’ and defined lists of ‘fundamental doctrines’, or to move forward and develop that ’emotional intelligence’ that will finally erase in them the proud will to kill God in order to justify themselves with such flimsy ‘creed’/’fig leaves’, ‘aprons’, a.k.a. the ‘offering of Cain’.

    Realizing the need for Christians to face this choice of how to comprehend the Cross-Gospel, it was impossible for me to not see the George Floyd murder near the site where the SDA religious leaders refused to give such ’empathy’ to the Christ of God in 1888, as anything but a wake-up-call to all Christians to stop quenching the Spirit of God with our recitations of select collections of self-convenient Biblical facts that perpetuate ‘Christian’ hypocrisy, but do little to cleanse the ‘soul temple’ of that proud false god, ‘Self’.

    This is the ‘sanctuary’/’soul temple’-‘cleansing’ doctrine — both illustrated and accomplished by the Cross-scene discovered by Ron Wyatt (in the same early 1980s) — that the SDA religion could not use to prevent scores of SDA educators and ministers from leaving in the early 1980s when their long-held ‘sanctuary doctrines’ were challenged from within their own proud educational system, simply because their own proud General Conference leader had asked Ron Wyatt to lie about who was making his God-led discoveries in order to save the proud reputation of the SDA educational system. To paraphrase Ellen White, whom SDAs too often claim as a prize but don’t listen to, such ‘Self-preservation actually results in self-destruction.’ !

    God intends to dwell in and thereby to ‘cleanse’, to ‘make holy’ by His own ‘Presence’, specifically, the center of human emotions, human motives, the human ‘soul’, where God also wishes to ‘characterize’ His law, NOT on ‘stone’, but in ‘fleshy tablets’ of the same ‘heart’ of the brain where Jesus felt the deadly emotional pain of God-forsakeness.

    The Gospel is beyond mere ‘reason’. It aims for this same ‘soul-temple’ of ‘the kingdom of God within you’. But Advent Movement ‘Christians’ are still distracted by money and cold-hearted, calculating ‘money men’, just as they were circa 1844 and 1888. When will such distractions finally be ignored, even by a ‘remnant’ of such ‘Christians’ ? Where is that ‘remnant’ ? Ellen White, herself, said the majority were still in the other churches, but SDAs today still don’t understand how that ‘majority’ is not themselves. Laodicean denominational, doctrinal pride blinds and obstructs forward ’emotional’, ‘motivational’, ‘movement’ back toward that life-giving close friendship with God that Eve and Adam so carelessly sacrificed in order to justify themselves as ‘gods’, ‘In the Beginning’.

    The first Jewish convert to the SDA religion in 1888, F.C. Gilbert, once wrote an article describing just why the Jews rejected Christ, from a truly Jewish perspective. Essentially, it was because of the Greek educational system they adopted when Alexander the Great spared them and instead encouraged them to send their young men to study Greek philosophy and reasoning in Alexandria . . . and it is the ‘reasonable’ educational system of the world that SDAs adopted against the advice of Ellen White, even, that has consistently led SDAs to reject ‘the Lord’ to this day.

    In the early 1900s, SDAs from what is now the famous SDA ‘Loma Linda University’ visited with God’s humble ‘messenger’, Ellen White, twice to ask her if they could join the American Medical Association. Twice she told them ‘No.’ The third time they visited with the same question, she refused to see them. So, they begged the ‘AMA’ to take them in, anyway. Ellen, herself, bought what became ‘Paradise Valley Sanitarium’ for a cheap price.

    In the 1920s and 30s, a genius named Royal Raymond Rife developed his own microscopes and electronic electromagnetic wave generating systems to use in physically destroying disease micro-organisms — while he watched — by using resonant electromagnetic frequencies from sound to radio waves to burst disease-cell walls like a soprano bursts crystal goblets. He was able to cure a whole group of 16-17 terminal patients of cancer and other diseases this way in a clinical trial. (They found that doses of such tuned-wave exposure had to be limited, or the patients’ natural immune systems would clog up with dead disease cells !)

    An SDA doctor named Richard T. Hamer who had graduated from the SDA ‘College of Medical Evangelists’ at Loma Linda, CA, began using Rife’s ‘Beam Ray’ equipment to heal patients referred to Paradise Valley Sanitarium. He healed them in such numbers that the referring doctors finally threatened to stop sending their patients there due to loss of busine$$. But Dr. Hamer finally cured one terminal case of skin cancer in a man from Chicago whom Maurice Fishbein, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, tracked down and pumped for information leading him to the SDA Dr. Hamer at the SDA Paradise Valley Sanitarium. You see, Hamer had become an AMA member.

    Fishbein threatened Dr. Hamer with loss of AMA membership, and soon attacked Royal Raymond Rife in the courts, after trying to take over control of his technology, himself, effectively destroying and ‘outlawing’ Rife’s disease-cell-destroying technology in the process . . . a century later, ‘Covid-19’ spread as the rejected SDA 1888-era ‘Gospel’ should have — around the world in a flash — just as the George Floyd protests begging for emotional ’empathy’ from public gov’t officials spread around the world in a flash, also.

    SDA natural healing methods were not intended to be ‘backward’, but to give empathy and glory to the Creators of ‘nature’ for the provisions They have built into it for human healing . . . but proud SDAs coldly chose the ‘self-glory’ of belonging to the world’s ‘AMA’, instead. And so the Covid-19 virus plague — such as those ‘plagues’ Royal Raymond Rife’s fine-tuned electromagnetic wave technology could easily have destroyed from a time just after the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 — could have been prevented and world supply chains could have been left intact, if only the SDA, Dr. Richard Hamer, had not proudly joined the AMA and made himself an essential part of a ripe, juicy target for Maurice Fishbein’s financial greed and resulting takeover attempts of Rife’s well-documented ‘natural’ disease-cell-destroying system !

    The lessons to be learned from both Biblical Israel’s failures and SDA failures to give to God the Glory and emotional allegiance He so well deserves are both great and up-to-date scientifically-speaking.

    So, the conclusion of this long tale is that God, the Father, Himself, is the loneliest of all those in the universe who are ‘of the Lord’, since ‘God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.’, and yet so few ‘Christians’ choose to publicly humble themselves beneath mere ‘reason’ and ‘forensic evidence’ to that visceral, emotional level of brain activity to which ‘Our Father’ willingly lowered Himself ‘in Christ’, in order to re-connect with us proud sinners most fully at the level of the humble other-trusting ‘Faith of Jesus’ — toward both His human peers and His Divine Father — even in the face of excruciating mental-emotional ‘God-forsakeness’ which broke not only the rocks, but the heart in His chest. . . . ‘made to be sin for us’, ‘yet with no sin’ of His own.

    And, as Jesus told Philip just before Gethsemane and the Cross, ‘If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.’ So, the Father hurts so much due to human cold-hearted dealings with Him that it ‘takes His breath away’, too.

    Ironically, ‘reasonable’ scientific ‘forensic evidence’ is now available to all Christian students of the Cross, and it is pointing to that same ‘unreasonable’, emotional, visceral level of nervous system activity involved in the mysterious premature death of the humble, faithful, ‘Lamb of God’ in spite of the lack of physical outward circumstances to explain it, such as ‘leg-breaking’ leading to ‘suffocation’.

    Psalm 22 is now also ‘scientific’. . . imagine that !