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    February 11, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    I can agree that the finding and reading of the Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah at the time the modern nation of Israel was coming into existence was not mere coincidence, but I cannot agree that that more-than-coincidence was a sign of God’s blessing on a secular Israeli government born of war and blessed by the United Nations. Why ?

    Because the development of the modern state of Israel in Palestine had at least a 50-year history, dating at least from 1896 when Theodor Herzl and the Polish nobleman, Michael Newlinski travelled to Istanbul to try to arrange a deal for helping the Ottoman Empire pay the massive interest on its debts in exchange for Jewish ownership of Palestine as a Jewish homeland. Those efforts and other efforts of Herzl’s to get help from a branch of the Rothschild banking dynasty failed. Nevertheless, Herzl predicted some time (1898) before he died that in 50 years the Jews would have a homeland. But look briefly at the miserable history of those 50 years and try to imagine God giving His blessing to the events in that long process of the ‘birth’ of Modern Israel :

    Around the time that Herzl predicted a Jewish homeland, the United States employed the Monroe Doctrine as an excuse to go to war with Spain in Spring 1898, for less than a year. As a result of winning that short war in which Theodore Roosevelt gained fame, the US gained control of more territories in the Caribbean and western Pacific. At the same time, being predominantly Protestant at the time, the US began defying its own Constitution in order to deny lawful voting rights to the many predominantly-Catholic citizens of those newly-acquired territories.

    Shortly afterward, Theodore Roosevelt was elected US President and became famous for taking on ‘Big Business’ corruption and their monopolies in the US. So, many of the wealthiest elite US business moguls moved much of their banking business to Germany where monopolies were still legal and ‘Teddy’ the Trust-Buster couldn’t touch their money. At the same time the United States began taking a leading role in the ‘eugenics’ movement, especially in the American South. (The infamous silent movie starring the ‘KKK’ in ‘The Birth of a Nation’ was released in the US around the same time.) It has been said that Hitler watched intently what was happening with eugenics in the US (sterilizations of ‘undesirables’, etc.) in order to develop his own eugenics philosophy and programs.

    So, by the time that WW II came around, super-rich United States industrialists like Henry Ford, and the ancestors of the Bush Family, IBM, Coca-Cola, etc., were not only heavily invested in what was to become Hitler’s Germany, but some of them, like Henry Ford, were also supporters of the eugenics movement that Hitler began to put into action, resulting in the ‘extermination’ deaths of millions of what Hitler judged to be genetic ‘undesirables’, including ‘Poles’ like Michael Lewinsky, and ‘Jews’ like Theodor Herzl. And it was this ‘genocide’ of Jews more than any other reason, that moved the Jews and the ‘United Nations’ to form and to support the formation of the modern nation of Israel in 1948, true to Herzl’s 50-year-old prediction. (Is it a mere ‘coincidence’ that today, the population of Henry Ford’s hometown of Dearborn, Michigan, USA, is 42% Arab-American-Muslim ?)

    So, the biggest, twisted, negative ‘blessing’ and encouragement for the formation of the modern state of Israel in 1948, shortly after Hitler was destroyed, has been the ‘never forget’ memory of Hitler’s atrocities against ‘6 million Jews’, that was the culmination of centuries of European Christian animosity against European Jews like Theodor Herzl, whose inspiration for seeking a Palestinian homeland for Jews was his own close observation of the unjust ‘Dreyfus Affair’ in France, just before he wrote and published ‘Der Judenstaat’ (‘The Jewish State’) in early 1896. I doubt very, very much that all such historic atrocities as these were had the blessing of the God of Isaiah. . . . or did the God of the Hebrew Bible inspire Adolph Hitler, as an increasing number of so-called US ‘Christians’ now tend to believe ?

    If the God of Isaiah had wanted His Jewish children to form a secular state in Palestine, why would He have waited an extra 50 years and lifetimes of Jewish misery to do so ? Why not bless Theodor Herzl’s first efforts to gain a Jewish State in 1896 ?

    The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls just as today’s secular state of Israel was formed was no mere ‘coincidence’, but neither was that event proof that God wanted to abandon His own role of governing His own people, whatever their ‘genes’ may express. Whatever was the Israel of the Hebrew Bible if not ‘Spiritual Israel’ ?