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    January 30, 2022 at 7:16 am

    RE: The last, ‘Eyewitness’ video of the series.

    Irony is not possible in a ‘perfect world’.

    There is tremendous irony in the fact that it was the same oil-greed of the Christian Western and European powers who rearranged the political landscape of the Middle East to best suit their own purposes. Purposes ‘for profit’ which simultaneously encouraged BOTH the formation of the modern (secular) Jewish State of Israel AND the Islamic Saudi Kingdom’s control of the landscapes where the original Hebrew nation of Israel was developed in Midian. ‘Christian’ pursuit of profits thus created a perfect conflict of interests focused in the Middle East that continue to this day.

    Yet, somehow, Western Christians still continue to try to make sense of their past errors of interfering with God’s own perfect plans. Whatever those might have been can now never be known, since the ‘Oil-god’ has been worshipped, instead, for at least the past century. But I can imagine that in God’s own perfect plans, it never should have been such a difficult and dangerous task for any Christian to simply visit the landscapes of the Bible and to see for themselves the evidences of God’s Personal dealings with the humans He both created, and now re-Creates, ‘by beholding’.