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    January 26, 2022 at 7:08 am

    There was no mere ‘typical’ Passover lamb nailed to the Cross at Golgotha, but Jesus, the Christ, the ‘antitypical’ Son of Man and Son and ‘Lamb’ of God, was. So, we have all the permission we need since that Cross, 2,000 years ago, to understand and to enjoy every real ‘antitype’ involved with the ancient Hebrew ceremonies, as they become clear to us, and that includes the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ that Jim Caldwell went in search of.

    Psalm 40:8, describes the ‘heart’ (belly) of the Christ as having ‘thy Law’ within it, just as the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ did. The ‘New Covenant’ texts in Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiel 36, also describe God’s eternal promise to take away our ‘hearts’ (Hebrew ‘leb’, ‘lebab’ . . . .) of stone, and replace them with hearts of ‘flesh’ upon and within which His Spirit will then characterize His Law. This new arrangement agrees with King David’s request in Psalm 51 (after his Bathsheba-Uriah sin), for a ‘new heart’ and a ‘right spirit’ with ‘truth/trust in the inner man’ . . . and with Isaiah 66. So, truly, Nicodemus should have understood this ‘new covenant’ ‘new birth’ healing process, and its accomplishment through ‘beholding’ Christ on the Cross, just as Israel was once healed of snakebites by ‘beholding’ the brass serpent Moses lifted up.

    Snake bite is a physical injury, but ‘sin’ is a mental-emotional injury of the nervous system processes centered in the ‘head’, that is why in ancient Israel’s religious services, a sinner placed their sins on the head — not on the back, or the tail — of a ‘lamb’ sacrifice. . . .

    Now, tying all of this together, and to the vision of Jim Caldwell regarding the ‘Ark’ being returned to Mt. Sinai by a group of people :

    In the last 30 years, neuroscientists have finally been able to use new hi-tech scanning tools in order to discover the long-hidden functions of the living, conscious inner brain. This area handles not only the ‘inner man’ organs of the ‘belly’ (Hebrew ‘me ah’, from Psalm 40:8), but it also helps process the emotions into the moral, or immoral, motives of the Biblical Hebrew ‘heart’ (‘leb’, ‘lebab’ . . . etc.) into physical actions. It also handles ‘trust’, and the lack of it, and contains ‘mirror neurons’ that enable ‘in-feeling’, or ’em-pathy’ with another person, simply ‘by beholding’ them. They could also be called ‘worship neurons’, since they enable us to ‘become’ the person we empathize with, in this same Biblical ‘heart’ of the human nervous system.

    This same ‘heart’, then, is the perfect location for the Holy Spirit to take the ‘driver’s seat’ or ‘throne’ for governing behaviors in the individual ‘beholder’, and in 2010 one leading neuroscientist, Dr. Arthur ‘Bud’ Craig, announced that it is in fact ‘the center of all human behavior’. (Dr. Craig did much of his research into this part of the human brain at the same Karolinska Institute where Dr. Lennart Moller worked.) Other scholarly peer-reviewed papers since then have confirmed this. In Luke 17:20-21, Jesus explained this same ‘Kingdom of God within you’ to the Jewish Pharisees who had wrongly expected another mere ‘typical’, physical, visible ‘kingdom of this world’ to be governed by their Messiah, from ‘here’ or ‘there’.

    And so, ‘anti-typically’ speaking, each time Jim Caldwell and his little family ‘group’ was strongly motivated by the Holy Spirit in their ‘spirits’ to return to Mt. Sinai — 14 times — this same moral-behavior-governing ‘ark’ and place ‘holy to God’ in the Biblical ‘heart’ of each of their individual nervous systems in their right brains . . . was in fact being ‘returned to Mt. Sinai’, on their own shoulders ! They were ‘mirroring’ and fulfilling Jim’s ‘ark’-vision, while using the same ‘mirror neurons’ first discovered at a university in Parma, Italy, in the Summer of 1991, right after the First Gulf War…

    Truly, the study of Hebrew ‘anti-types’ made or sacrificed by God’s own ‘hands’, is far more interesting than the study of mere ‘types’ made or sacrificed by mere human hands !