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  • Thomas Donlon

    December 17, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    Hi Ron,

    I got through watching the Star of Bethlehem video. Mr. Larsen made the statement in the video that earlier editions of Josephus pointed to the Herod of Jesus birth dying in 1 BC rather than four BC. Something you could not have known only reading modern editions of Josephus. Alleges something about twenty-two years of something to do with Tiberias got copied incorrectly to become twenty years in the versions that became our modern editions of Josephus writings.

    Mr. Larsen gave a website in the video of Typing that link in goes to From there you can go to the page on the website with academic information.

    From there you can find a link to a book

    “Josephus Reexamined: Unraveling the Twenty-Second Year of Tiberius,” David W. Beyer, Chronos, Kairos, Christos II, edited by E. Jerry Vardaman (Macon: Mercer University Press, 1998) ISBN 0-86554-582-0.

    From there you can find some of the key parts of the book at a google books page. From there you can read some sections of the book, including this section closer to the bottom of the available sections to read.

    Josephus Reexamined: Unraveling the Twenty-Second Year of Tiberius by David W. Beyer.

    Scribal errors took place… I also started to read and read or skimmed an Academia paper “The Death of Herod the Great and the Latin Josephus: Re-Examining the Twenty-Second Year of Tiberius
    by Raymond J Jachowski” He (to me) fairly dealt with all the different versions that were possible in a whole slew of proposed scribal errors … but then his conclusion left him seeing a contradiction in the Bible. I’m less inclined to believe a major mistake took place with the Bible writers and I’d rather shift my support to the textual evidence from Josephus about Tiberias that puts Herod’s death back in the one BC camp.

    Direct link to the Academia article that supports Ron’s position but fairly put forth the dispute and also raises other possibilities for Herod to have died later … and also he states that the four bc position requires a contradiction between gospels.

    The simplest way to see the evidence for a one BC death of Herod is to just watch the Star of Bethlehem video. To get deeper look to the academic resources on the Bethlehem star website. Then to see what some critics think of those arguments go to the embedded link for the Academia article and then decide or do more research.

    Chronology isn’t something I’m called to. Yet I’m just sharing this so that others may be aware of it. The video Star of Bethlehem is good. I’ll hold off talking more about it until I can better digest and rewatch and ponder the information in the video some more.